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The messy feud about who controls TikTok

In August Trump signed Executive Orders identifying both TikTok and another Chinese app, WeChat, as national security threats. Unless they broker a deal that transfers majority control over the services to American technology partners, both apps would be banned from the US. The confusion that followed spanned several competing businesses and interests, and heightened the already heightened tensions between two feudal countries.

This week at the Gadget Lab, WIRED employee Louise Matsakis talks to us about TikTok, WeChat and how this battle could affect US-China diplomatic relations for years to come.

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7;s coverage of the TikTok controversy here and here.


Louise recommends the book The history by Richard Powers. Lauren recommends the show Schitt’s Creek. Mike recommends SF Urban Hiker’s staircase project and also does a hike himself.

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