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The Morning After: Instagram is testing the hiding of & # 39; like & # 39; counties in the US next week

A big problem. Beats Solo Pro review

Billy Steele calls these "Beats Most Impressive Headphones To Date". What can go wrong with excellent sound, improved design, Siri handsfree support and solid active noise cancellation? Unfortunately it was so uncomfortable to get the required tight seal that he could only use it for about half an hour.

How much is too much? The Engadget Podcast: The Streaming Wars Have Begun

This week, Devindra and Cherlynn are exploring in the Engadget Podcast why Apple, Disney and HBO are offering their own streaming services and what that means for consumers. Is it worth it to subscribe? Is there just too much to see?

Row your own gears in an electric vehicle. This electric Mustang has a manual transmission. Ford has partnered with Webasto on a Mustang lithium project car (no, it's not a Mustang) -like SUV) for SEMA 2019, which combines a 900 hp electric motor with a 6-speed Getrag transmission.

Like the Porsche Taycan, the Mustang Lithium also has an 800-volt battery system delivering more power (up to one megawatt of electrical discharge), even though it reduces weight and heat. You can also optimize output on a 10.4-inch touch screen by choosing between torque settings that range from a modest "valet" to "beast".

The only likes you can count are on your own posts. In the coming week, Instagram is trying to hide the number of "likes" likes to see how many Likes got posts from other people. After Instagram boss Adam Mosseri introduced the changes in several countries around the world, he announced that he will test the changes in the US next week.

"I was a sack full of bones. I looked like I was dead, and I knew it. " Johnny Cash's powerful voice tells his life in Youtube's" The Gift "

. Whether it was 2005 Walk The Line or last Ken Burns & # 39; Country Music it's not hard to find a detailed account of the man's career in black. What many of them do not offer, however, is Cash's own perspective on his life – both the highs and the lows. That's exactly what we get with the new documentary by Emmy award winner Thom Zimny.

The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash will be free on Monday, November 11, at 12:00 CET posted on YouTube. YouTube Premium subscribers will have access to bonus material, including discussions about the creation of Walk The Line, prison shows, and more.

You can now try it on Android. Microsoft's new Office app for mobile combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Instead of creating separate apps for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (aka Office Triforce), the new Office app adds from Microsoft all together. With the Office app you can make better use of the talents of your phone. You can take a photo of a document and quickly turn it into an editable Word file, or do the same with Excel spreadsheets. It is available for public testing on Android while an iOS test group is already full.

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