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The Mystery Around Control’s next-gen upgrade restrictions take another strange turn

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Owner of the original version of control Let’s say they recently discovered that it was automatically upgraded to the new Ultimate Edition which guarantees a free upgrade to next-gen platforms, which begs even more questions as to why the game’s upgrade process continues to be so messy.

The game’s publisher, 505 Games, had previously said that this was the only way to upgrade to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of controlinstead of buying them directly, would be to buy the Ultimate Edition, which was released earlier this week. “Unfortunately we cannot offer an upgrade path for all of the existing ones control Player, ”the editor wrote in a blog post last month. But the latest development has challenged that explanation.

Shortly thereafter control The Ultimate Edition went on sale yesterday. Some PS4 users have started sharing reports about the game forum ResetEra that it had replaced their existing deluxe version that was purchased when the game was first released. “I went to the new release area of ​​the ps4 store that says I own the Control Ultimate Edition. I bought the Deluxe Edition at launch,” wrote one person on Twitter, sharing a screenshot of the PlayStation Stores. Later in the day, some of these PS4 users reported that their access to the Ultimate Edition had been revoked.

505 Games did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The 2019 deluxe edition was $ 80 and included both of the game’s DLC expansions, the most recent of which, AWE, only came out last month. This week’s Ultimate Edition is $ 40 and includes both DLCs too. However, it also includes a free upgrade to the PS5 version of the game if it comes out later this year. The deluxe edition doesn’t work, with the exception of people whose versions of the game appear to have been swapped.

As someone else on Twitter shownThe Microsoft Store seems to treat the Ultimate Edition like a bundle and informs users of the basic version of control that they already own part of the bundle. So what’s stopping them from paying for a piece of food for the rest? It’s unclear, and neither 505 Games nor Remedy Entertainment, which Control developed, did much to clear up the confusion.

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