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The Netflix video quality remains throttled to the annoyance of premium users

Earlier this year, Netflix announced it would reduce streaming video quality to reduce its users’ bandwidth consumption during the pandemic. With more people working from home than ever before, the company’s decision made sense at the time.

However, it’s now almost two months, and Netflix customers in Europe and the UK are upset by the streaming service, which in some cases still delivers throttled HD and Ultra HD video at bit rates below 50 percent of their normal capacity diversity.

The users of the streaming service say that the reduced bit rates lead to a noticeable deterioration in picture quality, such as: B. blurring and pixelation in larger televisions.

Netflix users are upset because the company charges different subscription fees based on video quality. For example, the entry-level baseline only allows users to stream in SD, while the standard tier offers HD quality and the premium plan is required to stream in Ultra HD.

Streaming quality issues

There is currently no specific schedule in Netflix for bit rates in Europe to return to their original values. In a statement too diversityA company spokesman said that the streaming service will lift the bit rate caps as network conditions improve, and said:

“If network conditions improve, we will lift the bit rate ceilings introduced in March from country to country. In the past two months, we̵

7;ve added more than four times normal capacity to meet growing demand and maintain the quality of our member service. “

This means that Netflix’s streaming quality will eventually return to normal. Premium users who still pay $ 15.99 a month to watch 4K content, however, pay for better video quality that they don’t get. In one Ken Florance, the company’s vice president of content delivery in March, made the bit rate caps sound much less bad than it turned out:

“If you’re particularly focused on video quality, you may notice a slight degradation in quality at any resolution. But you still get the video quality you paid for. “

European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton called on Netflix to cut bit rates because it is feared that ISPs will be burdened with millions of people stuck at home. However, this was not the case as the European Internet networks coped with the increase in data traffic without major congestion.

Hopefully Netflix will soon increase the bit rates of its streaming video, or customers will turn to other streaming services for their content.

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