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The new $ 599 iRobot i3 Plus Roomba comes with auto-drain, but without smart cards

iRobot has announced a pair of new mid-range vacuums that have some of the advantages of its top models, but also some tradeoffs. These are the $ 599 i3 Plus that comes with the company’s automatic drain station, which can hold 60 days worth of dirt, and the plain old $ 399 i3 that doesn’t have a drain station but is otherwise identical is.

The big downside to these vacuums compared to the more expensive models from iRobot – the i7 Plus and i7 ($ 799 / $ 599 with and without auto-drain) and the s9 Plus and s9 ($ 899 / $ 1,099, as well) – is that they do not include the smart of the company mapping functions. This allows the Roombas to map your house so you can instruct them to clean specific rooms and even specific areas of specific rooms (for example, “under the kitchen table” or “under the sofa”). It is thus in line with the company̵

7;s old top-of-the-range 900 series.

However, the i3s have all of the features that came with the company’s most recent AI-powered update called iRobot Genius Home Intelligence. These are less useful, but still practical. IRobot’s app offers suggestions for cleaning schedules based on your previous cleaning routines and the option to automate smart home connections. So if you use a location service like Life360 or you have a smart lock, you can connect it to your Roomba so it starts cleaning every time you leave the house (if you leave the house a lot these days).

In terms of hardware, the design is completely the same as other current iRobot models, while the cleaning system is the same as that of the i7. Both models are available today in the US and Canada and will be launched internationally in the first quarter of next year.

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