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The new ‘Avengers’ patch is here tomorrow with guaranteed exotics and new content

Well, I just said that right now would be a good time for Avengers to release an update as its player base is shrinking, and Crystal Dynamics did just that with a patch that fixes another large number of issues, including some things that have been causing the problem game since day one.

I went through the patch notes that include these fixes and changes, but also paved the way for an actual new content dump that will arrive tomorrow at reset, the debut of the SHIELD Substation Zero base, and new Tachyon Rift missions that can wipe Cosmic Elementary gear for the first time. More on that tomorrow after it launches, but first you should probably take a look at some of the key changes for this patch:

  • First and foremost, the Mega Hive now guarantees two unique exotic pieces of equipment per week after completion and solves my problem “I̵
    7;ve played 120 hours and don’t have a single exotic problem”.
  • Mega Hives now also offer more upgrade modules.
  • No more flawed rewards like level 1 or missing stat exotics from Mega Hives.
  • Exotics have improved their benefits.
  • You can now preview the cosmetics at the seller in the ship.
  • You can now get bounties and missions from a terminal in both bases so you don’t have to go through the entire base to get them.
  • You are now moving faster overall in these bases.
  • AI companions will now revive you more often than before.
  • Tactical awareness now stays active longer so you don’t have to press it a million times.
  • Heroic outflow from SPIN enemies is now reduced.
  • The “Punch” and “Torpedo” modifiers now only increase your own melee and ranged combat damage, not that of enemies.
  • Blue overshields seem to have been turned a little on enemies.

There’s more, and if you want to read the full list, which includes a number of bug fixes, as you can imagine, you can find them here.

All of this sounds pretty good to me, and it seems to solve a lot of the remaining issues that the game is suffering from, even if we don’t go into deep system-based things here that may require longer-term fixes. At the very least, I’ll be doing a Mega Hive to hopefully land an exotic for the first time, now that this is a guarantee (but this activity has to be less than 48 floors of Hive, which is just too much).

Avengers are likely to need a bigger, more substantial update like a new character to lure in expired players and they’re running out of time with the next generation launch and all of those games just around the corner. But according to the very loose schedule we have, Kate Bishop should arrive before the end of the month.

More will follow tomorrow with the new content. I’ll see you out there. Perhaps?

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