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The new Instagram Stories font is very similar to Comic Sans

Instagram today introduced several new story creation fonts that allow users to spend their temporary writing in a wider variety of styles. Typically, it would be a welcome development to have more options to choose from when creating stories.

However, many people were desperate to find that one of Instagram’s new fonts bears a disturbing similarity to Comic Sans – the most hated font in the world.

Comic Sans was created by the former Microsoft font designer Vincent Connare and is based on the lettering in Graphic Novels Guardian and The dark knight returns (written by Dave Gibbons or John Costanza). Although originally intended for use in comic book software, its misapplication in professional environments has caused widespread trouble since its release in 1994.

Comic Sans makes sense when you write a children’s puzzle book or create a meme. It is more harrowing when used by CERN scientists who present historical Higgs boson results.

The bubbling new text from Instagram is not the official Comic Sans font. On closer inspection, the new script that plagues Instagram shows some minor deviations from the infamous font, which makes it a completely different animal.

However, there is no denying that Instagram’s replacement Comic Sans brings with it the aesthetic spirit of its better-known predecessor.

Some Comic Sans defenders argue that this makes text more accessible to people with dyslexia, because the irregularity of the font makes it easier to distinguish between letters. Numerous other fonts can also help people with dyslexia, such as the much less controversial fonts Arial, Calibri, and Century Gothic. However, Comic Sans is one of the most frequently mentioned fonts.

Mashable turned to Instagram to confirm the identity of its mysterious new font and to determine if accessibility was taken into account when deciding to introduce it.

For most people, the real value of Instagram’s Comic Sans outside of the brand lies in the ability to give your emoji-speckled phrases a strong appeal. If you want to provoke anger in your followers and despair in your friends, this new font is a guaranteed game changer.

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