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The new QuietComfort earbuds from Bose promise 11 levels of noise cancellation

Something to look forward to: Bose is one of the leading manufacturers of headphones, yet it has noticeably set itself apart in the truly wireless field. However, the new QuietComfort earbuds and sports earbuds seem like a much-needed challenge for Apple’s popular AirPods.

To date, Bose’s only entry into the truly wireless earbud market has been the SoundSport Free earbuds. However, other companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Jabra, Microsoft, and Google have all thrown their hats into the proverbial ring with their own wireless earbuds. Bose is finally fighting back with two new models, the $ 279 QuietComfort earbuds and the $ 179 sport earbuds.

The QuietComfort earbuds are noise-canceling earbuds that directly compete with Apple̵

7;s AirPods Pro and Sony’s WF-1000XM3. Bose is known for its noise canceling ability with its more expensive headphones. The QuietComfort earphones promise up to 11 levels of noise suppression with newly designed earplugs for even more sound isolation. This seems to believe Bose’s claim that they are “the most effective noise-canceling earbuds in the world”.

The QuietComfort earbuds are rated IPX4 for weather and dust resistance, so they should be fine when jogging in the rain. Bose promises up to six hours of playtime, with the included charging case adding two additional full charges. Speaking of the case: 15 minutes of charging time gives the earphones an additional two hours of listening time. The case itself can also be charged wirelessly with any Qi-compatible charging mat.

In terms of actual sound quality, Bose claims that music is “faithfully reproduced” and that the bass is still strong even at lower volumes. The earphones have “Active EQ” technology from Bose, which automatically amplifies the treble and bass depending on the volume.

The Sport Earbuds are the successors to the SoundSport Free and are designed to compete with cheaper options like the Samsung Galaxy Buds and the Jabra Elite 75t. While both Sport and QuietComfort earbuds are rated IPX4, Bose emphasizes the superior fit of the Sport earbuds during exercise. The sports earbuds come with three sizes of ear tips and have an elongated “wing” to keep the buds in place.

The sport also features Bose’s Active EQ system for boosting frequencies at different volumes. The sports earphones do not have active noise cancellation, but still have passive noise cancellation due to the tight seal of the earplugs. The battery life is slightly shorter at five hours, while the case is 10 hours longer (although there is no wireless charging).

Both earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.1 and a “new data transfer method” designed to improve wireless performance. Both versions also have built-in touch controls for general commands and automatically stop when one of the earbuds is removed. One surprising loophole is multipoint Bluetooth, which allows multiple devices to be connected at the same time. This function is integrated as standard by newer competitors.

The Bose QuietComfort and Sport earbuds will be available from September 29th. Pre-orders start today.

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