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The new season of Rainbow Six Siege is surprisingly released

Rainbow Six Siege has deviated from its normal release schedule to release a maintenance patch larger than 14GB on all platforms. And surprise! It features the brand new season of Operation Shadow Legacy.

Shadow Legacy, dubbed the game’s “biggest, most metagame-changing season,” has been on the test server for over four weeks with no sign of movement. And yet we are here. With an official announcement still in the wind, the new season is now fully playable with all of the nifty new perks it brings, including the introduction of Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell as “Zero”, the makeover of the chalet, new areas and several other improvements and fixes.

The developers probably won̵

7;t be talking to Ubisoft Forward about the new season until today, but it’s a strange way of phrasing things when there’s already been a lot of criticism of the company’s lack of communication. Professional players are particularly irritated by this as they are unable to schedule scrims and prepare for the upcoming return of the regional leagues later this month.

By the time we delved into the patch notes, we already knew what to expect. Sure enough, Ping 2.0 appears without many changes. Players can freely ping drones in the same way as they would in person, highlighting gear and gadgets. Ubisoft acknowledges concerns that this could potentially lead to equalization issues in high-tier play, but is still considering how to fix this.

The other big change is the revision of the riflescopes, which heralds a host of new 1.5x, 2.0x, and 2.5x optics (the ACOG was previously billed as 2.5x, but was actually 3.0 times and has been renamed as such). . Unfortunately, Ubisoft has not been able to fix the differences between 1.0x ranges as design issues currently prevent every operator from having access to all types.

Apart from that, players can try out the new bomb chassis, changes against boosting and cheat as well as numerous corrections to errors, level design and operators.

Will Zero fit the list seamlessly and join our list of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators, or do we have yet another Lion fiasco in our hands? I think we’ll find out in a moment.

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