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The newly released Surface Duo firmware shows that Windows ran once

When Microsoft talked about the origins of the Surface Duo, they insisted that it wasn’t the same device that should run Windows Core OS.

“At that time it was different hardware, it’s not the same hardware … it’s not even remotely,” Panos Panay told the Verge. “We are in development so many generations later [with Surface Duo]We understand how thin it is, we understand reliability, we understand the ruggedness of screens. It’s been made across generations, it’s been years in the making. “

However, the newly released firmware for the Surface Duo tells a different story.

The attestation certificates are for the device originally codenamed “Andromeda” and the firmware partitions are signed with a certificate named “Andromeda” issued in 2017. The firmware also includes a hypervisor firmware (HYP) partition that evokes one of the functions of Windows 10 X and Windows Core OS.

While Microsoft insists that the new device is a lot more sophisticated than the 2017 version, of course we know that the hardware has been waiting for the software for several years, as is clear from the 2017 patents, which are not much different from ours today see.

For some Windows fans, this begs the question of whether to run Windows 10 for ARM on the device.

Famous Windows Phone hacker Gustave Monce suggests that it could be possible, but likely not with all of the features intact.

Either way, the news confirms something we all suspected, but I think most of us agree that Microsoft made the right decision to prefer a device with access to millions of apps and a thriving ecosystem of services bring the market.

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