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The next "Breaking Bad" movie could premiere on Netflix

The way AMC Breaking Bad ended was pretty perfect in terms of television. Since most shows tend to run longer than they should, ending with a sometimes unsatisfactory ending, the final of the series Breaking Bad was actually very well done. For those who want to know what happened after that, you may have heard that a Breaking Bad movie is in progress.

Not much is known about the movie at the moment, but now a report by Deadline has shown that Netflix could actually be the platform that will receive the premiere of the movie. Yes, that's right, the movie will be premiered before AMC. However, this step is no surprise as the creator of the show, Vince Gilligan, partially attributed the success of Breaking Bad to Netflix.

According to Gilligan's quote from Emmys in 201

3: "I think Netflix kept us in the air. Not only are we up here, I do not think our show would go beyond Season 2. It's a new era on TV, and we were very happy to take advantage of it. "It does not come as a surprise. Maybe Gilligan wants to" pay back "that favor by giving Netflix the premiere of the film on its release.

No word on when the movie will be released, but it is expected to be based on the events of what happened after that, the series finale and will follow Aaron Paul's character Jesse Pinkman.

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