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The next-gen version of ‘Destiny 2’ will be released in December

Bungie announced that the next-gen version of Fate 2 will be released in December, one month after the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series systems are released.

Users can play Fate 2 Immediately when next-gen systems launch next month – November 10th for Xbox Series X and S and November 12th for PS5 – through backward compatibility. Gamers can expect faster loading times and cross-generic gaming, but will have to wait until December 8th for features like 4K resolution and 60 fps to start.

“As we keep improving Fate 2We’re taking the opportunity to optimize the experience with this new hardware, ”Bungie said in a news item. “While things like faster load times and cross-generational gaming will be available on November 1

0th, we’re taking a little more time to make the following improvements to ensure a smooth gaming experience Fate 2 on your new devices. “

The developer is also working on adding a field of view slider to the console versions Fate 2, similar to the PC edition. “We are currently testing these settings to ensure smooth performance on each platform and will have more details closer to the launch,” the report said.

Despite general improvements in load times, it will still be “networking and matchmaking dependent,” warned Bungie. “Activity loading still takes time while you search for opponents.”

In other Fate 2 News, its upcoming expansion Beyond the light The start is planned for November 10th. The release was originally scheduled for September 22nd but has been delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Bungie also previously unveiled new exotic weapons and armor that will join the game when Beyond the light starts.

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