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The Nintendo Switch Pro model may not fix the console’s biggest issues

The Nintendo Switch is a well received console, but it does have some issues that a Pro Switch or upgrade is unlikely to fix.

The Nintendo Switch has been in stores for 3.5 years and the Lite for a full year. Now it appears that a superior model is in the works. There have been some rumors of a new Switch due to be released in 2021

, and rumor has it that a Pro version of the Switch has been in production for some time.

The Nintendo Switch was released to many fans on March 3, 2017, and has surpassed lifetime sales of the Wii-U in less than a year in Japan. The Switch and the Lite have a lot to offer: the portability, the wide range of games and the unique games speak for themselves. However, there are issues that should be addressed in the next version, but most likely they will not or will not be possible.

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Battery life

Could the Switch Pro fix the OG Switch's biggest problems?

While Nintendo improved the Switch’s battery life in 2019, gamers have still complained about the console’s short lifespan. Given that the Switch does everything including a fairly large and neat screen, Wi-Fi connections, and powering the controllers, it’s no surprise that the batteries run out in just a few hours. But if Nintendo released a higher resolution Pro version, this problem could actually get worse.

If the next-generation version of the Switch has the supposedly better graphics, then the battery usage will be even more noticeable without massive upgrades. Battery technology hasn’t gotten far enough to keep a nice, high-resolution screen with all of the other power-consuming features running for very long at all.

The Joy-Cons

Could the Switch Pro fix the OG Switch's biggest problems?

Many would agree that the Joy-Cons are pretty good controllers. The ease of switching from handheld to TV and back makes them a great addition to the Switch’s portability and ease of use, but the controllers aren’t without their hassles. Many gamers have complained that the Joy-Cons are accidentally disconnected even when there is nothing between them and their Switch. Although Nintendo has updated the hardware in the newer switches to improve the Joy-Con connection, this can happen regularly while gaming.

However, the biggest problem with the switch so far has been controller drift. The problem was so big and widespread that Nintendo was brought to justice and the President of Nintendo publicly apologized for the drift problem. While Nintendo fixed the Joy-Cons and Switch Lites with design issues for free, it is a hassle to send them in and wait for them to be fixed and shipped back. Also, due to coronavirus, Joy-Con repair has been suspended for a while, which means some may not be able to repair it at all at the moment.

Bad Wi-Fi connection

Could the Switch Pro fix the OG Switch's biggest problems?

While Nintendo has some incredible single player games that don’t require an internet connection on the Switch, being connected to the internet is essential for watching streaming content, downloading games and updates, and visiting other players’ islands Deer crossing. However, the switch is known for its poor connection quality and disconnecting without reconnecting. The Wi-Fi connection issues are one of the issues that Nintendo has improved but for which there are no permanent fixes. This means that it will most likely be an issue with all new switch models.

Bad cradle connections

Could the Switch Pro fix the OG Switch's biggest problems?

Many Switch owners have thrown their consoles in the charging base, turned on their TVs, and received some strange error messages with no sound. Or the switch just won’t charge. Or worse, there is no picture on the TV even though the switch is in the dock. Getting up and reinstalling the console is a major annoyance. The charging / docking station could have been better designed so that the switch sits in a way that makes the connection stronger and avoids many of the docking issues. Most likely, all new Switch models will still have the old bracket. This is probably best considering how expensive a standalone Switch dock is.

Expensive peripherals

Could the Switch Pro fix the OG Switch's biggest problems?

Many Switch owners faced with a broken dock or floating Joy-Cons have tried buying new ones just to sacrifice the price of the accessories. Although the Switch Joy-Cons are selling at a loss, they still aren’t cheap. Peripherals for the Switch Pro would most likely not be cheaper as long as the Pro is the same design as the original, which is likely.

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Could the Switch Pro fix the OG Switch's biggest problems?

Most people use their consoles for everything. PS4 and Xbox users are known for not only playing games, but also streaming them, watching DVDs, chatting with friends, and more – all things that are a lot harder on the Switch. The switch has an internet connection, but no browser for surfing the internet. While there is a “secret hack” that Switch users can use to connect to a hidden web browser, it is difficult for most users to find. It would be pretty easy to add a browser to the switch since most of the components are already there. However, since it’s been three years and Nintendo didn’t assign a browser to the original Switch users, the priority doesn’t seem to be high on listing.

No backwards compatibility

Could the Switch Pro fix the OG Switch's biggest problems?

It’s a real shame that older people like beloved games Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Ultra Sun. and Ultra moon cannot be played on the switch. The Wii had a fantastic selection of games available through the eShop, but the new eShop has very little to do with older games. The online service offers an ever growing selection of NES and SNES games, but players have to pay a monthly price for them. The Switch, which is gaining backward compatibility, has been well received by fans and offers them a huge new collection of games.

The Nintendo Switch is still a great console, although it is by no means perfect. However, when a Pro edition comes out, it would be nice to see some changes to the Switch that would make the consoles even better.

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