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The Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series chips are reportedly divided into three levels of binning

The upcoming Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs will reportedly be divided into three tiers based on their respective quality. The chance of getting a good or great chip is greater than the chance of getting a “good” chip, but the likelihood is likely to increase as the manufacturing process matures.

It is known that in the semiconductor world every chip has a variable level of quality. In order to differentiate between them at different levels, the chip manufacturers test and sort the chips in a process known as chip binning. By testing how much voltage they can handle, what their operating temperature is, and how overclockable they are, manufacturers are dividing their chips into binning levels to differentiate them. Depending on these results, each chip is intended for “different”

; applications or is only destroyed if they do not meet the minimum criteria.

At Nvidia, the process gets more complicated. The company sends AiB partners a card with the GPU and the memory soldered on. After receipt, it is up to the AiB partner to use the GPUs with the better classes in their high-quality graphics cards, while the standard GPUs are used in the cheapest graphics cards.

There are several methods of choosing which chips to use in high quality graphics cards. There is the 50:50 method in which the AiB partner mounts the cooler on the card, tests it and then selects whether it is, for example, a factory OC or a reference-clocked OC. The AiB can also store the graphics card in advance, but this can be more expensive.

According to Igor’sLab, the Ampere GPUs are divided into three different levels: Bin “0”, Bin “1” and Bin “2”. The bin “0” are okay chips, the bin “1” chips are the good ones, and the bin “2” are the best of them all. The probability of having a bin “0” chip is 30%, a bin “1” is 60% and bin “2” is 10%, which means that the chances of getting a good or great chip are bigger than get an okay. Given Samsung’s short production time, these numbers seem pretty good. As the process matures, the likelihood that chips “1” and “2” will be received by Bin increases.

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