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The OnePlus 8T only has one reason to exist – Warp Charge 65

OnePlus phones have been delivering exciting new features, affordable prices, and more for years. That has changed a bit for 2020. The OnePlus 8 series was significantly more expensive, but it eventually brought some much-needed improvements. Now we have the OnePlus 8T, a revamped and slightly improved version of this year’s less exciting phone.

The OnePlus 8T has been my main smartphone for the past few days, and I don’t think there is much to be said. It’s a really good phone, just like the OnePlus 8. It’s fast, has a great spec package, and is relatively affordable in a world of overly expensive flagships. It also has a good design that, while a bit derived from the Samsung Galaxy S20, looks great!

To be honest, I have nothing to complain about with the OnePlus 8T, at least based on my first impressions. The camera appears to be slightly improved over the 8 (examples below) and the battery life is solid as well. OxygenOS 1

1 also accelerates with this hardware, which I really liked.

My problem with this phone? It honestly has no reason to exist. It has essentially the same hardware as the OnePlus 8, just with countless hours spent redesigning its shell. There are no technical problems worth mentioning here, just an updated camera sensor and a slightly faster refresh rate for the display. This display is also flat this time, which admittedly inspires me compared to the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8T.

The just A clear reason OnePlus needs to bring this phone to market is Warp Charge 65. The company’s new charging standard is ridiculously fast as it claims a full charge in just 39 minutes. However, in my tests, I have often found the 8T Beatings this estimate by a few minutes. In general, plugging in at 1% gave an estimate of charging in about 36 to 37 minutes. In any case, it’s crazy fast.

With the new standard, OnePlus has thrown the USB-A-to-USB-C cable, which has been used for years, overboard. In the end! C to C! This means that you can also use this building block with a laptop or tablet that supports USB-C. It’s a win-win and something OnePlus was very overdue for. Just think it’s a shame that wireless charging wasn’t included. The insanely fast speeds are nice, but don’t change the minor frustration of trying to plug in a phone in a dark bedroom while falling asleep.

The OnePlus 8T is a really good phone again. It does almost everything right, and for people who appreciate ridiculously fast loading, $ 749 is a killer value, especially given the extra storage and RAM. However, I think most people would have been better served if OnePlus had just focused on the OnePlus 8 series and saved Warp Charge 65 for OnePlus 9. Instead, the company just did this Another Maintaining a telephone that doesn’t really justify existence at all.

If you’re interested, the OnePlus 8T can be pre-ordered today.

OnePlus 8T camera examples

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