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The PlayStation 5 storefront unveils a number of exciting new game trailers

Sony hosted a live showcase for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console on Wednesday where we got a glimpse of a number of exciting next-gen games, as well as some new details about the system, including prices and November release date.

While some of the trailers gave us a deeper look at games that have already been revealed, such as: Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Resident Evil 8We got some flavorful new revelations too, including Final Fantasy XVI, a new God of War Game and the long rumor Hogwarts Legacy.


7;s get to the good things.

1. Final Fantasy XVI

The next game in history Final Fantasy Series has been revealed, and different from the previous numbered game and the most recent Final Fantasy VII Remakethis game seems to have more of a fantasy setting. We have crystals, magic, chocobos, knights and gigantic monsters in abundance, but no expected release date.

2. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

This deeper gameplay look at the 2018 sequel Marvel’s Spider-Man gives us a climax in wintry New York City and our new protagonist Miles Morales. Along with some combat and quick events, we’re seeing some new purple villains that are clearly bringing it out for Morales. Spider-Man: Miles Morales comes vacation 2020.

3. Hogwarts Legacy

The wizarding world, which started with the first Harry Potter book in 1997, is finally getting a big, sturdy and very pretty video game. Is the famous transphobe JK Rowling involved? We hope not. Hogwarts Legacy is expected to be released in 2021.

4th Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Things look as intense and macho as you’d expect from this series in the new gameplay trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Harsh voices, gunfire and a big chase with explosions fill this trailer with lots of action. Cold War hits the world on November 13th.

5. Resident Evil Village

The latest trailer for the eighth resident Evil The game puts us back in first-person perspective for a deeply spooky adventure built around a children’s story. There are some terrible looking monster people and singing villagers in this shabby, snowy, European looking environment: a terrible combination. Resident Evil Village comes in 2021.

6th Five nights at Freddy’s: security breach

Five nights at Freddy’s is back and this time it looks like it has a lot more money behind it. This teaser doesn’t reveal much, but it seems to preserve the jump fear that the first game became famous for. No release date has been announced.

7th Demon souls

That first look at that Demon souls The remake gameplay reveals a lot – it’s a very pretty remaster and looks like it has this classic Souls feel in the fight. No release date has been announced.

8. God of war

Aside from Kratos, who realized that a certain level of preparedness will be required, we really didn’t get much with this one. This teaser mentions that Ragnarok is coming, which is the Norse apocalypse, which sounds tickling, if a little annoying. It’s also unclear, but the game might be titled God of War: Ragnarok. We will see in 2021.

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