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The production of Lamborghini Aventador reaches 10,000 units

Production of the mighty Lamborghini Aventador has just reached an impressive 10,000 units, making it the most successful V12 Lamborghini ever designed.

The 10,000th was just shipped from the company’s iconic factory in Italy, almost ten years after the very first was launched in 2011. In particular, the milestone vehicle is an SVJ Roadster in Grigio Acheso gray with red paint by Rosso Mimir.

The vehicle is set to be launched on the Thai market and also features a special red interior by Rosso Alala, as specified by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam division. The department is responsible for all of the unique customization and enhancement options that essentially provide buyers with a bespoke experience.

Lamborghini launched the Aventador in 2011 and the roadster version in 2012. Since then, a number of new variants and special editions have been introduced, including the Aventador S and the SVJ. However, only 900 examples of the SVJ are made.

With 10,000 units produced, the Aventador becomes one of the most popular models for Lamborghini. However, the V10 models were more successful, perhaps understandably due to their slightly cheaper price and slightly more practical nature.

In October last year, the Huracan overtook the Gallardo and became the company’s most popular model with over 14,022 units. The Urus is likely to trump so soon, reaching 10,000 units in July. It’s on the market after just two years.

We can’t see how many of the 10,000 Aventadors landed in Australia, as the VFACTS new registrations only count Lamborghini “Coupé / Cabrio”. This can of course include the Huracan. So far this year (until August) 42 new coupé / convertible units and 31 copies of the Urus have been registered.

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