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The PS4 DualShock controller does not support PlayStation 5 games, Sony Technology News, Firstpost reveals

Sony has unveiled some PS4 peripherals and accessories will be compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 5and the DualShock 4 wireless controller will not work with the PlayStation 5 games.

In a corporate blog dealing with issues related to the next generation system, Sony wrote that DualShock 4 was not compatible with the next generation system, because the company believes that “PS5 games have the new features and characteristics should use “the DualSense Wireless Controller.

This means users have to buy new controllers for PS5, but this is nothing new. With the release of PS4, users had to purchase new controllers because the PS3 controllers did not work with the later model. Microsoft̵

7;s Xbox One was also not compatible with the Xbox 360 controllers.

    According to Sony, the PS4 DualShock controller does not support PlayStation 5 games

PlayStation 4 console and controller.

The existing DualShock 4 controller and other third-party controllers officially licensed by PlayStation work with supported PS4 games. But not all third party peripherals / accessories officially licensed from PlayStation may work on PS5. Users must confirm compatibility with the manufacturer, the blog continues.

The officially licensed arcade sticks, flight sticks and racing bikes are compatible with both the PS5 games and the supported PS4 games. Any headset, be it the Platinum and Gold Wireless Headset or a third-party headset, works with PS5. However, the headset companion app will not work with the upcoming system.

The PlayStation camera for PS4 is compatible with PS5, but has an additional adapter. In order to play VR (Virtual Reality) games on the PS5, players need a PlayStation camera adapter that is provided to PS VR users at no additional cost. The company will publish more information about the adapter in the future.

The PS Move Motion Controller and the PlayStation VR Aim Controller continue to work with supported PS VR games on the PlayStation 5.

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