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The PS5 from Sony could cost you around $ 470 due to expensive parts

While everyone is waiting for the PS5 to launch, it appears that Sony is struggling with pricing for the PS5 due to expensive parts, Bloomberg reports.

For comparison to the previous version, the PS4 had a retail price of $ 399.

If you put the current situation into perspective, you can purchase a PS4 Pro (the high-end offer) for less than $ 400.

Even though we are considering the potential specifications (updated) for the PS5, retail prices are much better than the PS4 and affect demand for the PS5, which is now expected to be around $ 470.

Some people who shared the details with Bloomberg also mentioned that Sony will be waiting a little longer to determine a price with minimal profit (or possibly prepare for losses).

The main problem for Sony is the provision of DRAM and NAND flash memories, which are affected by the overwhelming demand on smartphones. For Bloomberg's story, Sony declined to comment ̵

1; but it doesn't look good for consumers who expect the same retail price for the next generation console.

Maybe it wouldn't be a problem for consumers – but if Microsoft manages to do better With pricing, it will be a problem for Sony. What do you think?

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