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The radio industry signs an expanded deal with Google for live and local radio

The radio industry has signed a new content deal with Google that will see more Australian radio stations on Google Nest devices thanks to the new integration of Radio App, the industry’s official aggregator app.

There are now more than 350 Australian AM, FM and DAB + digital radio stations, including all commercial radio, ABC and SBS stations, available by voice via Google Nest speakers and displays.

Thanks to the new integration between the industry and Google, Google Nest users can now ask for the station or frequency they want to hear. CRA chief Joan Warner said the new updates are part of an ongoing partnership between the industry association and the technology company.

“We have worked closely with Google locally and globally for the past 18 months to ensure that all commercial radio stations and digital DAB + stations are readily available through Google Nest speakers and displays. It is of great value to the radio audience to be able to enjoy their favorite local radio station on these devices with a simple voice request, ”said Warner.


“This is also good news for advertisers looking to invest in audio, as the increase in the ownership of smart speakers and the presence of the radio on these devices strengthens the position and range of the radio.”

According to Infinite Dial Australia 2020 study published by Edison Research, 17% of Australians own a device in 2020, up from 13% in 2019 and a jump of 5% in 2018.

The Edison Research study also showed that 82% of the smart speaker brands available in the country in Australia have Google Nest devices.

“This new integration of RadioApp on Google Nest devices makes it easy for listeners to access their favorite local radio stations and favorite radio personalities with a simple voice command,” said Mel Silva, MD of Google Australia and New Zealand.

“After many months of working with CRA, it is great to see the results of our partnership available to Australian radio listeners and Google Nest owners. By making this radio content discoverable, it also offers incredible value to local radio stations and advertisers. ”

A multi-layered advertising campaign highlighting functionality will be rolled out in the coming months through on-air advertising and radio advertising, as well as online advertising through content on radio station websites, display advertisements and the RadioApp website. There will also be a selection of popular radio personalities to act as on-air ambassadors to promote the initiative.

The RadioApp initiative for Google Nest devices was developed by Commercial Radio Australia in collaboration with Google and the leading provider of mobile wireless solutions All in Media (AIM), a division of Xperi, Inc.

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