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The restart of Digimon Adventure is the key to developing the franchise

  The newly interpreted DigiDestined.

The reimagined DigiDestined.
Image : Toei

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna the latest film in Toeis Digimon franchise, intended to tell the story of the eight children who saved both the real and the digital world by teaming up with living digital creatures, brought to an end . But it is not the end. Similar to how Digimon cannot really "die", the DigiDestined return in a fascinating way.

While the premise of the original Digimon Adventure revolved around a number of aspects of our reality – such as the widespread use of the Internet – the way we interacted with technology changed significantly since the series premiered in 1999. In contrast to Last Evolution Kizuna which takes place in 2010 (in line with the timing in the original series), Toei's new restart Digimon Adventure: presents Tai and the other DigiDestined as small children living in today's Japan . (Note that the colon at the end of Digimon Adventure: is a targeted choice to distinguish the restart from the original.)

The basic premise of the story appears to be largely unchanged as a disorder affected electronics begin in the digital world in the real world and DigiDestined meets their partner Digimon for the first time. What is different, however, is that all children seem to have cell phones, their digivices are physically different, and the digital world itself seems to be a more abstract, conceptual place.

As the children begin their adventure and learn that it is up to them to fight the creatures that cause the problems of the digital world , in the real world the prevailing idea is that the digital problems are part of a larger series of cyberterrorism attacks. It is in a way that Digimon Adventure: maintains in the tradition of the series that it tackles real world problems while being fantastic while introducing new elements into its history that reflect our present – 1965 reality.

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Much of what has made the original Digimon series satisfactory over the years has been his willingness to to let his characters age and develop as many cartoons like Pokémon do not . Emotional depth has been one of the strengths of Digimon from the beginning and it is obvious that Digimon Adventure: will remain in this tradition, but now the franchise can do that in a world that is feels like it exists much closer to our own.

The original Digimon Adventure was largely a product of how global telecommunications worked at the end of the 20th century, but in 2020 the basic principles of how people access information on the Internet is only drastically different . Things like chatrooms message boards and the concept of hyperlinks are summarized by social media platforms and applications . Digimon originally worked with the idea that the Internet is a massive, common space in which one can explore how a continent could be. But today the web is increasingly made up of walled gardens into which we create portals in using our phones to scroll through TikTok or our consoles to hang out with friends in Animal Crossing .

It will be interesting to see how Digimon Adventure: ultimately benefits from what the shape of the modern Internet looks like when children venture deeper into the digital world. What does it mean to physically travel over the digital networks that keep the world going at a time when we're all extremely online? The DigiDestined may be the first to discover the existence of the digital world, but by 2020, they may not be the only hyper-connected children who have the potential to become the unlikely saviors of two worlds.

In almost every Digimon series, when the life of a digital monster comes to an end (usually as a result of too much damage in combat), creation disintegrates into glowing pieces of dust that scatter in the wind, what makes it appear as if they were lost. In reality, however, their data is actually being moved to the primary village, a place where the Digimon as a fresh Digiegg is reborn (or recompiled, as you imagine), full of new life and opportunities. In a way, Digimon Adventure: is the Digiegg who is supposed to be born in Last Evolution Kizuna . They are interrelated stories that represent two different phases of life for the same franchise and how it is time for Digimon to develop into something new and more advanced.

During Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna premiere here in the U. S. was currently postponed Digimon Adventure: is scheduled for April 5 appear on Fuji TV.

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