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The rule of the mighty air fryer is more than just hot air

If you’ve been following trends in the quarantine kitchen (hello sourdough), you probably know that air fryers are hot right now. Whether you cook or order to take away, air fryers make food preparation difficult.

Sell ​​like hot cakes – and make them too

Air fryers are the new cool kid in the kitchen. Their popularity has increased tenfold in the past two years and has been sold in the US at the rate of around four million a year.

By circulating hot air, air fryers produce crispy foods without the need for a lot of oil or oil, depending on the recipe. the outside gets a tasty crunch while the inside stays juicy. Unlike the hot mess of a deep fryer or frying pan, they̵

7;re neat devices that take up very little counter space and get the same or arguably better results when trying to eat healthier. You also don’t smoke your apartment like an old school stove.

With two baskets to play with compared to the standard, the new Ninja® Foodi® with DualZone ™ technology has increased the stakes. Your pan, oven and toaster will be blown away by the competition.

Multitasking comes into the kitchen

Multitask with the Ninja® Foodi® with DualZone ™ technology

Multitask with the Ninja® Foodi® with DualZone ™ technology

Image: Shark Ninja

You may be great at multitasking at work, but to fully cook one dish without burning the other, you need to coordinate gadgets, gizmos, and timers. Suddenly scheduling a remote conference call with your entire team seems easy by comparison.

For reasons of efficiency, the Ninja® Foodi® with DualZone ™ technology has two baskets that work independently of each other. This means that you can prepare two different dishes in two different ways in one appliance. While one basket is humming the roast in the air, the other may be slowly roasting in the air. All six cooking styles – air frying, roasting, roasting, baking, reheating, and dehydrating – can be used at the same time.

Each basket has its own timer that coordinates for a smart finish. For example, a dish that takes 10 minutes to prepare and one that takes 30 minutes is ready to hit your plate hot at exactly the same time. (If you’re curious how this works, the dish that takes less time to prepare will be in a waiting pattern while the other is counting down. Then they’ll start cooking together for the final stretch.)

Speed ​​up food preparation

When juggling work and cooking, speed is important. By the time you’re waiting for a standard oven to preheat, you may have already ordered delivery online – and received it. In contrast, the spacious Foodi with two baskets offers space for eight liters of food, which is enough for a family-sized meal.

Circulating hot air creates even heat and cooks faster, which is why air fryers have gained traction. They may be trending now, but they’re like the slow cooker: in the long run.

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