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The rumors are true: these are all cakes.

If you feel slightly traumatized because you cut a beautiful pair of Crocs in half, tore off a roll of toilet paper, or saw a lively-looking plant chopped apart with a giant knife, you just know that you are not alone.

It’s a bit annoying to see everyday items engraved on your social media timelines without warning. However, if you keep watching, you will find that these objects are actually edible cakes.

Viral cake cutting videos have been circulating on social media after Buzzfeed’s Tasty account shared a compilation of @ redrosecake_tubageckil̵

7;s realistic looking baked goods on July 8th.

Chef Tuba Geçkil from Red Rose Cake specializes in making 3D cakes that look so In reality it is fascinating to cut them in half – and in some cases extremely irritating. Chef Geçkil has 2.71,000 YouTube subscribers and regularly shares their masterful creations (like the cup of coffee below, which is also a cake) with Facebook and Instagram. But Tasty’s compilation video, which has been tweeted under the heading “These are all cakes”, has been dominating the timelines lately, giving the already haunted people on Twitter some cake-filled nightmares.

Since Chef Geçkil’s videos went online, clips from other realistic cake artists like @NatalieSideserf and @The_Bakeking have been shared. The illusion cakes are both really impressive and deeply disturbing, especially the bulldog and the human hand ???

As you can imagine, the people who watched these videos now have real trust issues. Is it all cake? Are your crocs actually cakes? Have people been cakes all the time? There are so many questions.

This is not the first time Tasty has released an excruciating cake pie on social media certainly Not the first time that they have tried to mess around with our heads. (Do you remember the furious “Bigger Than Before” egg video?) We only say that 2020 was already a lot. Do we have Really Need to add a cake drama to the mix?

Before we watch more cake cutting videos, let us remind you Not indeed Cut yourself up to find out if you’re cake. As far as we know, cakes cannot read. So if you’ve made it this far in the article, you’re most likely human.

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