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The Samsung Galaxy S21 will cause new problems for Apple and Google

The start calendar for the smartphone 2020 should done and dusted, but a new report suggests Samsung might have other ideas. A story from the Korean publication MTNCiting sources in the supply chain, Samsung claims to be pushing production of the next Galaxy flagship by six weeks.

An earlier release date is being considered, with the report claiming December 2020 as an option. The logic behind this move appears to be a bad sale of the Samsung S20, and the Korean company is trying to “proactively respond to rapidly changing market conditions,” the story explains. SamMobile‘s own sources secured the MTN Report of an early release date of January 2021, apparently slated for the launch of the Galaxy S21. Regardless of whether it’s December 2020 or January 2021, Samsung’s flagship will likely arrive earlier than normal.

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An early launch of the Galaxy S21 is both a wild rumor and quite doable. I would also be willing to bet that Samsung will make some drastic price changes to coincide with the new release date. This wouldn’t be unusual or even unlikely in any other year, but 2020 is a different beast. The increasing battle for your money means OEMs have shocked us with unusual moves this year. Apple started four iPhone 12 models for (almost) every price range, Google has said goodbye to a top-of-the-range flagship for the first time in years, and Samsung launched a surprising upper-middle-range phone just before the releases of Google and Apple. The release dates for almost all companies have also been postponed due to Covid-19.

The S20 FE is a great example of how aggressive the Korean company can be. Not only did it appear out of nowhere, it was surprisingly affordable for its specifications in the display, camera, and processor departments. Samsung is also not afraid to keep customers away from Apple.

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Five years ago, the Korean company briefly carried out a high-profile campaign with which iPhone owners could “test” the new Note 5 and Galaxy S6 for 30 days for US $ 1. Then there’s the company’s generous trade-in program that iPhones happily overpaid, including $ 400 for the 2017 iPhone X and $ 350 for the iPhone 8 Plus. As part of promotions, the company is currently giving away three months of free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the Moga XP5-X Plus controller for all Galaxy 2020 5G purchases (a total of $ 115 in free material).

It’s not hard to argue that the company’s all-out strategy has a hint of desperation, which is not surprising given the tough economic times all OEMs are in. An early release of the Galaxy S21 does not seem to be too far taken.

I suspect Samsung will offer the Galaxy S21 much cheaper than its predecessor. The Galaxy S20 landed before the worst economic fall from Covid-19. That staggering $ 1,399 price tag for the S20 Plus Ultra won’t be repeating itself anytime soon, not when almost all of the competition is cutting prices to stay afloat.

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The MTN Report also spectacularly claims that the top of the line Galaxy S21 will come with an S-stylus The note range is set. In fact, it would streamline Samsung’s bloated product library. We’ve heard rumors before about Samsung’s merging of the Galaxy S and Note lines, but in the current climate it makes a lot more sense.

The perfect combination of a new Galaxy S phone that has the best of the Note range at a cheaper price and arrives far earlier than expected – along with all of the generous trade-in and Xbox bundle offerings – could be rivals rolled into one Years cause problems when the competition for your remaining disposable income is particularly fierce.

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