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The speed you need when you do everything from home

If you distance yourself socially and work from home, you're probably using more data on more devices than ever before. If you're struggling to reach reasonable speeds, or if you're pushing your bandwidth limits, Three UK has everything you need.

If you're like us, you probably chose your mobile broadband based on normal usage: podcasts or the strange TV programs on the way to work, a little social media on the bus, and so on. But now we have video meetings with the office during the day, meet virtually with friends and family and take care of the additional requirements of our children and their many devices.

Three can help. The network was developed specifically for data and has created a number of services that will keep you connected about the current crisis and beyond.

5G Broadband: Super Fast and Super Convenient

When you're at London, you'll be amazed by Three's incredible 5G service. It's incredible, excitingly fast, and gives video meetings the feeling of being in a movie, albeit in a movie about meetings: 5G eliminates jerking and lag to deliver silky smooth videos, super-fast uploads and downloads, and the convenience of speed that you need wherever you are.

No landline connection is required to connect a cable or wait for an engineer for weeks: they can be online the next working day.

4G Broadband: Use the Internet anywhere

When you're not in. Don't worry, a 5G area: Three's fast 4G broadband is just as practical ̵

1; again, no landline, cable or engineer visit is required – and is available to 99.8% of the UK population.

All you need is an outlet and you can take fast 4G broadband with you wherever you go: in the kitchen, in the garage, and even in the garden shed.

4G MiFi: Keep kids (and adults) happy

(Photo credit: Three UK)

Three’s MiFi is great for devices like Nintendo Switches, iPod touch, tablets and laptops that can connect to Wi-Fi but do not have their own mobile data connections.

It is a portable Wi-Fi provider that connects to Three's fast 4G network and delivers Wi-Fi to up to ten devices simultaneously. It's as small as a credit card, but the battery lasts up to four hours. With a standby time of 300 hours, it's ideal for nature trips when you're tired of staring at the same four walls. And at just £ 22 a month for unlimited data, this is a broadband bargain.

Unlimited SIM cards: never miss the end of anything.

Some mobile SIM cards have fairly strict data restrictions, and Murphy's law says they & # 39; I will always jump in at the worst moment: just before you find out who is on your podcast about true crime, or before the final reveal in your favorite drama.

With the unlimited SIM cards from Three, you can be sure that you will never miss the end of anything: there are no data restrictions and no speed limits. Unlimited SIM cards are available in 1 month, 12 month and 24 month versions and are incredibly affordable: you can currently get unlimited dates, minutes and text for a 12 month plan for just £ 18 a month. [19659002] You are also 5G capable. So if your device is 5G compatible, you can connect to 5G in London at no additional cost.

Three is the magic number.

Three can get you up and running with fast 4G or 5G broadband in just 24 hours, and with plug-and-play there is no complicated installation, no wiring, and no need for an engineer visit – which is convenient since many companies currently not sending engineers.

Just use To confirm availability, select your device and / or plan and you will be online the next day.

That's not all. If your phone or SIM plan is 12 GB or more, you can make even more money with Go Binge: With Go Binge, you can stream unlimited subscriptions to Netflix, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer and more without using your data .

And when things go back to normal, with Go Roam you can use your call, data and text allowance in 71 different countries without additional fees. So you can sit back, relax and stay connected without worrying about roaming fees. [19659002] To find out how Three can deliver the speed you need to do everything from skyping to streaming, visit the Three UK website.

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