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The sports trends in Africa

Africa is a sports-loving continent with millions of fans in football, cricket, basketball and rugby to name a few. However, sporting events are not the only source of entertainment in Africa. Most athletes on the continent also enjoy betting on the island, which is not only fun, but also offers the opportunity to make a profit by doing the things you love the most – watching the game.

Notably, 35% of Africans live below the poverty line. However, Africa is one of the most lucrative sports markets in the world, mainly due to the appeal of fast money and high unemployment. Other reasons for the rise of online sports betting in Africa.

Why online sports bets are increase in Africa

Although a significant number of Africans are still below the poverty line, there are many reasons why most of them engage in sports betting. Here are some of the reasons why most Africans bet on sports like Betway.

High unemployment among young people

In Africa, more than 200 million people are between the ages of 1

5 and 24, and a significant portion of them do not work. In some countries the unemployment rate is up to 25%. The population is expected to double by 2050. Therefore, sportsbooks give these youngsters a great opportunity to earn some money while enjoying their favorite sport.Also they can find the best sportsbooks offers and get most of the benefits.

Great love for the game
Despite being the biggest fan of football betting, Africa is a sports-loving continent with a good share of followers in cricket, rugby, basketball and boxing. Many people also like to bet on hockey, motorcycle racing, horse racing, tennis and other sports. Her love of sports makes the African sports betting industry one of the most lucrative in the world.

The popularity of mobile betting

With the increasing use of mobile devices, more and more Africans are finding the joy of betting on the move. Today, Booker makers in Africa are working with leading mobile operators to integrate mobile money services like M-Pesa, Airtel Money and Orange Money with betting products. As a result, more Africans can easily bet on comfortable tablets and cell phone screens.

Cheating betting laws.

Most online betting countries lack proper regulatory guidelines. In other African countries, betting laws are also lazy to stop activities that allow hundreds of sportsbook providers to offer their services. However, some countries have banned sports betting, prohibiting their citizens from betting.