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The standard Nintendo Switch is now available in Brazil

Following the announcement in August, the Nintendo Switch officially made its debut in Brazil this week. In addition to official peripheral devices such as the Pro Controller and additional Joy-Con sets, only the standard Nintendo Switch is currently available. Doug Bowser, President of Nintendo of America, celebrated the occasion with a tweet welcoming Brazilian Nintendo fans:

The official retail price for the standard Nintendo Switch in Brazil is 2,999 real. The console can be purchased in person from retailers such as Luiza Magazine and several online retailers. In an interview, Bill van Zyll, General Manager of Nintendo of Latin America, confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Lite will be launched in 2021

. For the Nintendo eShop of the console, only the function for redeeming prepaid game card codes is currently available.

That took a long time. Nintendo ceased operations in 2015 and withdrew from the Brazilian market, citing local taxes and challenges as reasons. They had previously worked with Gaming do Brasil and other local distributors at the time. As of 2015, Nintendo players in Brazil have relied on imports from other countries, and Nintendo has only shown support in forms such as a Brazilian Portuguese translation for Fire emblem hero and other smaller forms. Now Nintendistas can officially buy the newest console from Nintendo again.

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