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The Starbucks store closed until May 3. So you still get your coffee


Uber Eats is a delivery option.


It's been more than two weeks since Starbucks closed its US stores to walk-in customers in late March. Initially, the company said that stores would remain closed to pedestrian traffic until at least April 3 ̵

1; a date that has now been extended to at least May 3. (The cafes were also closed in the UK and other countries affected by the Corona Virus outbreak .)

There are other ways to repair your Starbucks nearby than to go to a counter. Many locations are open for transit (we'll show you how to find them below), and the chain has partnered with several delivery companies that deliver coffee and other menu orders right to your door. Just don't forget to tip your driver well .

Starbucks said it was also considering "adding an entry handover as an option for [mobile order and pay] customers" to reduce the pressure on long transit lines.

Learn how to troubleshoot issues until the Starbucks stores open their doors again.

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Starbucks drive-through window

While you can't go to a Starbucks store to order or pick up your drink, you can get it at a place with a drive-through window. According to a company representative, around 60% of all Starbucks stores in the U.S. have a transit option.

You can either order in advance through your phone's Starbucks app or order when you get to the transit.

To find out where your nearest Starbucks Drive-Thru location is, visit the Store Locator website to find your location or search the Starbucks app. When you've opened the app, tap Stores then Filters (in the upper right corner) and select Drive-Thru . Then tap Show Stores .

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Delivery apps and services.

In January, Starbucks announced a partnership with Uber Eats to supply 49 stores in 33 US Federal states. There is even a special Starbucks mini site within UberEats.com where you can check to see if delivery is at your location.

Here are some delivery pages that bring Starbucks menu items to your door. You need to check your region for eligibility and shipping costs may apply. During the outbreak of the corona virus we recommend to tip your delivery driver more .

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Find the exceptions to the rule

Although most of the country's Starbucks coffee shops close, some shops remain open. "Some exceptions are made to the cafes that work in or around hospitals and health centers to serve first responders and healthcare workers," Starbucks said in a statement.

Remember, if you hit the house during the coronavirus crisis, take these 13 practical precautions to avoid the virus . Stay up to date on the latest news from by phone notifications and prevent yourself from feeling lonely while staying at home with these ways to connect with the community .

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