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The Summoner’s Annabelle, like all of us, spends quarantine

Annabelle in quarantine.

Annabelle in quarantine.
Screenshot:: Julie Muncy / New Line Cinema (Other)

The incantation Breakout Star / creepy, creepy doll Annabelle faces her own quarantine: she can no longer make creepier films and has to live more or less all alone on the New Line Cinema property. How did she deal with it? So filmed briefly, about as good as everyone else. That means: could be better.

This short film, recently released on Warner Bros. Pictures’ YouTube channel, shows how Annabelle deals with the whole quarantine issue. It shows a time-lapse of her lonely time in the New Line Cinema-Studio, which changes from a quiet rest to a variety of assignable quarantine activities. She watches films, she makes food, she even drinks one or two. But just like us non-murderous mortals, she ends up getting quite restless. Most of the time staying indoors is difficult, whether you are visiting the New Line offices or just trying to figure out what to do in your home.

According to DeadlineThis short film was made by some (I’m sure, socially distant) New Line employees before they made the rounds internally at Warner Bros. (owned by New Line). It was popular enough that they decided to make it public, and what better day than the National Puppet Day? This is apparently a very real holiday, probably dedicated to the very real terror of the dolls your grandmother collects in the one closet that you pretend you never see.

Annabelle is currently making herself comfortable until the pandemic subsides, but you can always watch Annabelle comes home on HBO Max if you’re looking for your own way to celebrate this incredibly exciting vacation.

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