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The surprisingly good EarFun Free real wireless earbuds are available again for $ 32.49


This picture doesn’t tell the whole story. This is a wireless charging case. It also accepts USB-C.

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When I see people walking (or running) with Apple AirPods, I want to go upstairs and shake them. “You paid too much for it! And they’re not even sweatproof!” Yes, little known fact: AirPods are not designed to withstand any liquid damage. And the standard guarantee does not cover it.

Thank God, There are many inexpensive AirPods alternativesMany of them are able to train vigorously without sweating. (Wait, do it, “Yeah, sweat it.”) Here’s a good example: For a limited time and while supplies last, the newly updated one EarFun Free True Wireless earbuds cost $ 32.49 with the 20% discount voucher and the voucher code on the page EARFUNFR. This is an all-time low and an exclusive cheat skate!

At first glance, these countless other earbuds that you have seen resemble. They not only support Bluetooth 5.0, but are also supplied in an admirably compact charging case with a USB-C and not a micro-USB port. Even better, this case can be charged wirelessly: just place it on a qi pad. Apple AirPods: $ 199 if you want them with a wireless charging case. (Or $ 79 for just the case.)

EarFun promises up to 6 hours of listening time before the earphones need to return to the case and up to four full charges before the case needs to be charged. Total listening time: up to 24 hours. EarFun also promises up to two hours of play after just 10 minutes of charging.

The earphones are just as surprising IPX7 ratedSo they are not only water-resistant, but also waterproofproof. I wouldn’t let them swim because they would almost certainly have come off, but theoretically you could take a shower.

What about the sound quality that is at least as important as functions? For that I hand you over to David Carnoys EarFun Free review. Conclusion: “Pretty good” noise-isolating audio makes this “an inexpensive alternative to the AirPods”.

As you will see on the product page, it is a 2020 version of the product. Updates include volume controls, improved call quality (according to EarFun), and support for independent use of earphones (meaning you can only use one if you prefer). Carnoy’s review was written before these updates, so keep that in mind.

Meanwhile, almost 5,000 buyers have rated this 4.3 out of 5 stars together. I tested the EarFun Free earphones myself and found that they are extremely good overall. As with most such earbuds, the key is to make sure you get a really good in-ear seal and replace the silicone tips (three sizes are included) until you do.

EarFun grants an 18-month guarantee on the buds. AirPods are only insured for 12 months. So if you are looking for an exercise-friendly, crazy-affordable alternative to the latter, you should definitely take a look.

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Originally released last year. Updated to reflect new sales prices and product features.

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