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The telephone repair and computer repair tools you need

No matter how big your PC or phone is, someday something will go wrong. The "Right to Repair" movement has gained considerable traction lately, and with the right knowledge and equipment, you can repair many things yourself. Here are some important things that every home improvement geek should have in their toolbox.

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iFixit Tech Pro Toolkit

Photo: iFixit

A screwdriver with multiple bits is Sufficient for Some Repairs Take Me A Loss The deeper you go into gadget repair, the more tools you'll need: Torx and Pentalobe bits, spudgers, tweezers, and more. There are some decent inexpensive screwdrivers, but the $ 65 iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is still a king. The price may seem steep, but it contains so many useful tools – including some special bits that you will not get in most other kits – that is worth the money. I live and die by this thing, and if I had lost it tomorrow, I would easily pick up another one.

A tray for magnetic parts

Photo: Whitson Gordon
19659007] When fixing gadgets you have to work with many tiny screws that you inevitably drop, lose or get stuck somewhere. After having done this too often, I took this 5x magnetic tray. Just insert all metal parts and they will stick to the bowl until you pull them out again. You can even hang it on the side of your PC case or filing cabinet for easy access. If you want something more versatile, you can use this magnetic projection mat to separate the screws by location and note where they are in the dry erase mark.

A Screw Extruder

She opened her laptop, found the part that needs to be replaced, and you feel pretty victorious – until you find a loosened screw that just does not move. There are some more frustrating things, and over the years I have tried numerous tricks to improve the situation. Nothing – and I mean nothing – worked as well as this gorgeous screwdriver. (Actually, I'm upset because it's not included with the above mentioned iFixit toolkit.) Just grasp the screw by the edges and twist it out. In situations where the head of the screw is flush with the surface or the head is completely destroyed, these extractors may work better.

Isopropyl Alcohol and Microfiber Cloths

Rubbing Alcohol – specifically 99% isopropyl alcohol – is the magical elixir of the tech world. It's great for wiping dirt and grime off your laptop, removing any remaining stickers, and cleaning dirt and corrosion inside your computer. If you have heat problems, it may even help to remove old thermal grease so you can add some new paste. If you do not already have it in your home, grab a bottle (along with microfibre cloths) and have them ready for this hard cleaning job.

$ 9


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A USB A and USB C Flash Drive

It Once was enough to repair a computer. However, in this transitional period between USB-A and USB-C, you want a dual-flash drive like this from SanDisk. You can copy data to and from any computer, including Apple MacBooks that are exclusively equipped with USB-C, and it even works with USB-C enabled Android phones. And if you need a list of the most important software tools, read this summary by How-To Geek.

An LED flashlight (or a clip-on reading light)

Have you ever trying to play with connections inside a dark case? Or get a screw out of a crack where the sun is not shining? Each tech toolbox benefits from a small LED flashlight. Sure, you could use them on your phone, but it does not fit well in confined spaces and why waste valuable battery power when you do not have to? I've found that clip-on reading lights like this one work even better, because you can support them in any way you want to see what you're doing.

A USB Hard Drive Dock

One day, your hard drive will fail. (That's why you should back it up now.) Or maybe you just want to upgrade to a more spacious system. In any case, you will need to copy your data to the new drive, which is no easier than using a USB hard drive dock. This is one of those products that looks like a one-time use, but I've used it regularly for years, and it's so much easier than using an external drive as a middleman.

All these pre-BuCables and accessories (do not throw away!)

Photo: Whitson Gordon

If you have you have been a technological head for some time. You've probably amassed a cramped box of cables, CDs, manuals, screws, and other accessories. Some of these things that you can throw away, such as For example, the manuals and driver diskettes that you can easily retrieve online while others are absolutely worthwhile. You may not need this VGA cable anymore, but one day you'll be glad you got it. All it takes is a small organization. I keep all of my PC parts in the motherboard's box and plug cables and other large accessories into a set of stackable drawers I received in the Container Store, separated by use case (and complete with printed labels). However, each set of clear drawers works and makes collecting garbage much easier to sort.

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Of course these tools are not the only ones you'll ever need – specialized tools like Ethernet crimpers always require another trip to the hardware store when you need them – but these are the tools I use all the time and should have been bought earlier earlier than mine. They facilitate almost every repair job.

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