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The time has come: you can pre-order your PS5 now

Since then, the players have been waiting eagerly for the new PlayStation 5 it was announced in fall 2019and we finally come into the sensor range of the big day. The PS5 ships on November 12th and we know it will cost $ 400 for the digital-only version or $ 500 for Blu-ray. And while the launch is scheduled for September 17th, many retailers are already allowing pre-orders – but the high demand is crashing websites and many are already sold out.

Not all retailers are ready to pre-order. Some currently allow you to register for pre-order and will notify you when pre-order begins. Granted, it̵

7;s like waiting in line for the chance to wait in another line.


Sony / Screenshot by Óscar Gutiérrez / CNET

Either way, here is a list of major retailers and their pre-order sites. Browse the list to see where to pre-order now.

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You can now pre-order at Best Buy:

The GameStop website seems to be having some issues, possibly due to overwhelming demand. We were able to add a console to our shopping cart at one point, but later came across “oops” pages. The retailer offers the two consoles and four different bundles with various additional items like controllers, headphones and PS Plus.

Register here to pre-order your PS5. We assume that you can pre-order from Sony until Thursday, September 17th.

At Amazon HQ for the PS5, you can see pictures of PS5 accessories like the DualSense charging dock, Pulse 3D wireless headset, and HD camera, plus other details like an incomplete list of official games. There is no registration link here to inform you about pre-orders.

As of September 16 at 5 p.m. PT, Walmart appears to be already sold out. The product page is there, but the PS5 is marked out of stock.

You can now pre-order from Target. Update: Well, you can still pre-order a controller:

Look at that:

Sony announces PS5 price and release date


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