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The US customs are not giving in, says OnePlus Buds is violating the Apple AirPods brand

In a statement too The edgeA US customs and border protection spokesman defended the agency’s seizure of 2,000 OnePlus Buds pairs at JFK Airport on August 31. Last night, CBP released the promotion, calling the OnePlus Buds “fake Apple AirPods”, which sparked a wave of controversy. It seemed like a possible gaffe by border guards who somehow didn’t realize they were blocking a real product, and OnePlus was also derided for getting into this situation due to the similarities between its own earbuds and AirPods.

However, CBP’s statement seems to rule out that this is a mistake.

“When checking the shipment in question, a CBP import specialist found that the earphones in question apparently violated Apple̵

7;s configuration trademark. Apple has configuration marks on its brand of earphones and recorded these marks with CBP, “said the spokesman. Configuration brands cover the general appearance of a product, if you ask yourself. “Based on this finding, CBP officers at JFK Airport confiscated the shipment under 19 USC 1526 (e).”

The CBP spokesman also tried to address the general reaction many people had to this incident: Can’t their officials tell that the OnePlus buds are a real product – not a “fake” – by just looking at the box and look at the branding? “CBP’s seizure of the earbuds in question has nothing to do with the images or language on the packaging. A company doesn’t need to put an ‘Apple’ word mark or design on its products to infringe those trademarks.”

OnePlus (or whoever imported the OnePlus Buds) “will have many options through the decision-making process to prove that its product does not violate the relevant registered trademarks.” OnePlus was reached earlier today and declined to comment on the seizure. But The edge made contact again after the CBP statement.

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