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The video is supposed to show the prototype of a magnetic wireless charger from Apple

A new video posted to 9to5Mac this morning is said to show a prototype of a new Apple accessory that appears to be a wireless charger.

The video follows reports earlier this year about an upcoming small wireless charging mat from Apple. It could also be related to recent reports that the upcoming iPhone 12 models will have an internal magnetic ring on the back of the device that can be used to attach accessories such as wireless chargers.

It’s unclear whether the charging module pictured in the video is a prototype of an upcoming Apple product or a development unit that the company is making available to third-party accessory makers, similar to how it works with the Apple Watch charger and other parts through its MFi program .

In addition to previous reports that Apple is planning a “smaller wireless charging mat,” there appear to have been several rumors from Chinese accessory manufacturers that a new built-in magnetic ring on the back of upcoming iPhone 1

2 models will enable new accessories.

The dimensions of the charging module shown in today’s video seem to match the magnetic ring shown in the circuit diagrams of the rumored accessories from the Chinese manufacturers. Previous rumors speculated that the ring of magnets will enable precise positioning of wireless charger devices, which is a common problem for Qi chargers that do not use free positioning technology. Other accessories may be able to be attached to the back of the device.

The new iPhone 12 models are expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks after Apple previously confirmed that the launch would be “a few weeks later” than the usual launch in mid-September.

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