The LG Wing is the latest consumer handheld device that can be used to test the limits of people’s will not to click back and forth when opening or panning. With two screens, a pop-up camera, and plenty of screen space, there will be some durability questions and the company is trying to answer those in a new video with performative CGI.

The first problem that is resolved in the video by extremely close shots of gears, pistons and cables is the durability of the wing-like pivot mechanism of the wing between the base case and the display as well as the upper display. It includes a holster spring and double track guide to keep things in place while moving, as well as a hydraulic piston to cushion shocks by limiting.

LG assures its customers that it has put the mechanism through a 200,000 cycle test. Samsung did the same for its original Galaxy Fold with a flexible display, but that didn’t stop reviewers from damaging it that easily. More answers are needed for further questions.

The company also addresses questions about the weight of the wing and its overall thickness. The official mass listed on the data sheet is 260 grams, which is 22 grams below the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. LG achieves its optimizations by using lighter plastic OLED displays, the perforation of its metal housing and presumably the assembly of its displays under a single controller chip. At least that’s what we conclude from the line “Two displays to one”.

However, it gets its accreditation with a MIL-STD-810G rating against drops from 120cm away at 26 different angles, which doesn’t mean you can’t break the wing with a drop. As with servo cameras on some other phones, it retracts when the wing detects a dive. LG also says it put a hydrophobic coating on the inner parts and a polyacetal film on the touchscreens, but there are no official IP ratings here for dust and water resistance. So take these for what you want.

We’ll stay seated for a while before AT&T and Verizon pick up the wing later this fall. So expect more of this marketing to show up.