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The visionary women in tech taking the stage at TNW2019

As a woman just starting a career in tech, having empowering female role models helps to navigate what can sometimes be a tough industry. TNW2019 – where our lineup of speakers includes some powerhouse women paving the way for people like me.

If you're always on the lookout for your next source of inspiration or hands-on learning, our tech conference in Amsterdam is where to find it. TNW201


Corinne Vigreux, Co-Founder of TomTom

Back in 1991, Corinne Vigreux co-founded TomTom. It all began with easy-to-use navigation system and it grew from there. TomTom is now a publicly-traded company with offices in over 30 countries, and has expanded its interests to include autonomous driving and smart cities.

TomTom's existing and future strategy. On top of that, her passion for entrepreneurship led her to found Codam College last year. This innovative coding school has no way to learn this essential skill.

Want to learn more about Corinne's entrepreneurial tips and how to make them accessible to everyone? TNW2019

Gillian Tans, CEO of Booking.com

Gillian Tans has been leading booking for three years now, shaping its strategy and operations.

It's Gillian's Mission to Keep Booking at the forefront of technology. She's been outspoken about diversity in tech, and has great interest in moving toward a sustainable industry. At TNW2019, she'll be discussing her visions for the future of tech. Stacia Carr, Director of Engineering at Zalando

Stacia is an expert in interdisciplinary leadership. As the Director of Engineering at Zalando, her team are experts in engineering, product, and business.

Stacia is also committed to being a strong female voice in tech. She believes that the key to bringing more women into the industry lies in sharing her own experiences and stories. At TNW2019, she'll just do that. Speak [noun]

On May 9 and 10, these wonderful women and many more will be leading the discussion on diversity in tech. I can not wait to learn from their stories, and mate their own law into my own career. See you there?

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