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The VitaJuwel crystal water bottle was usually difficult

Stable • Aesthetic (like the adjective) • Rocks do not really touch the water

Expensive • Too heavy for daily transport

The ViA may be a fun luxury purchase for the crystal enthusiast, but those who are just looking for a good water bottle (why did you even look at it?) Should avoid this.

I do not believe that crystals have healing powers, and I do not believe that they help me achieve well-being ("well-being") through some type of osmosis. But I believe that you can easily carry uncomfortable items with you because they look pretty, and so it came about that I had a thick 1

7 ounce glass water bottle with amethyst and rose quartz pieces in it.

The bottle was made by VitaJuwel, a Californian manufacturer-based company that sells a range of bottles, vials and decanters with gemstones and crystals. The containers are available in 14 crystal variations, from "Fitness" (red jasper, magnesite and clear quartz, 98 USD) to "Diamonds" (diamonds, clear quartz, 330 USD). One of them is a collaboration with Miranda Kerr, who is known to put crystals in her bra. It's an extravagant rock music that you can choose yourself.

Regrettably, I asked for the cheapest version called "Wellness," which costs $ 78 and contains a mix of amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz. According to unidentified "experts" each stone is associated with different "virtues". Amethyst "stimulates the mind and calms the emotions", it says in the product description. "Rose Quartz promotes peace and harmony. Clear quartz is a stone for clarity and perception."

As a person who lived in 2019, it all sounded great. I could not wait to use my beautiful Vita jewel, which Gwyneth Paltrow would give as a small favor at a Goop conference. Even more important (and shameful) is that I could hardly wait to keep an ironic distance.

My first impression of the bottle was that it was heavy – it weighs over a pound – but since it's made of glass, that was not the case comes as no surprise. What surprised me was the crystal insert embedded in the glass like a snowglobe or a tiny crystal diglett. (You push it from the bottom of the bottle.) Wait, I thought. The crystal does not even touch the water?

When I was looking for answers, I consulted the VitaJuwel website, which assured me that it is actually preferable that the crystals do not touch the water, as this prevents the user from picking up sediment. "Gemstone water is created by the subtle radiance of the gems," it says. Thank god, I realized. Nobody wants to drink stones.

Perhaps this is a good time to say that there is no evidence that crystals have any medical benefits. This does not mean that it is an open time in which they are mocked – they have a truly soothing placebo effect for some people and have been an important part of the spiritual healing practices around the world long before Big Wellness began. But if you're sick, you should not use crystals for proper medical care.

The crystal water bottle would never cure my headache or whatever. I also did not have a positive placebo effect when I drank it, probably because I was not at all convinced of his abilities. In fact, I did not feel good at all, but that was my fault.

Throughout the week, I wanted to stop anyone who saw how I used my VitaJuwel and say, "This is a joke and also for work, I did not actually buy it." Unfortunately, it would have been stranger for me to say that than to do what I actually did, which practically jumped back to my desk after every trip to the water well to avoid detection.

However, I would guess that very few people care if crystals are present in my water bottle. They are too busy looking after the crystals (or lack thereof) in their own water bottles, or perhaps more interesting problems.

But as a water bottle, the VitaJuwel was fine. I say well because the VitaJuwel is not the best water bottle if you define "water bottle" as a "normal bottle for drinking normal water that is not a gem". The opening is a little too small to drip ice, but not small enough to be considered a narrow mouth, so you have a medium sized hole that makes it difficult to drink.

The bottle is made of thick glass, which makes it heavy – especially with this crystal top. When I filled it up and put it in my backpack I really felt it during my commute. I could not wait to take off my backpack.

And if you want your water to stay super cold, try an isolated bottle instead (like a Contigo or Hydro bottle). On the seventh day, I was glad to return to my VSCO-certified workhorse.

However, if you need a crystal, the VitaJuwel is a better way to wheel around than leave a stone in your underwear.

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