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The weed-heavy story of how Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart became friends

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have a very entertaining friendship and maybe one of the few pairings that I would enjoy. You are co-star in a show on VH1! They make lunch! They share pine cones! But how did this connection come about?

On Tuesday, Snoop came to interview Howard Stern, where he shared the details of his connection to Martha.

While Snoop says that her experience of working with Martha's show is related, her friendship strangely took shape in Justin Bieber's [[ComedyCentral Roast ]in which Snoop accidentally held up Martha. [196592002] From the Interview:

Snoop: Your place is here and mine is here. The whole roast, I'm just smokin 'dope. It's just passive smoking, passive smoking. When she gets up to tell her jokes-

Star: She's knocked out of her head

Snoop: She's knocked out of her head, but she steals the damn show. She's the funniest wanker there … She was loose as a goose, high as a wanker, and she went up there and killed her … She came back and sat down next to me, and I said, "Martha, you see What have I done for you? We need to do more together. "

And from there they went on to pursue a show together, where they make drunken bread pudding and make celebrity guests drink from rags.

A blurry start to a fruitful and entertaining friendship. Congratulations, you two.

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