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The Witcher on Netflix is ​​"amazing" according to these first reactions

Since Game of Thrones ended in a firestorm of split fan reactions this year, Netflix's The Witcher series has been seen as the sequel to the dark fantasy series. Based on a popular series of books, the Henry Cavill show will appear in the streaming service later this month, and we're looking for a reward based on fans' early reactions that people on the internet tweet their opinions on first episode of the show, based on a screening last night in LA. Opinions range from "really good" to "amazing," which is good for the show's debut on Dec. 20. Here's an example of what's being said:

So everything is pretty positive. This seems to be an important show for Netflix: It's the biggest show of the Christmas season. And while Game of Thrones seems a bit simple in comparison it's almost certainly the reason why shows like this and Amazon's in-depth Lord of the Rings adaptation exist.

In terms of budget, streaming services and networks want to spend the money to make a big fantasy hit. The potential profit is huge, and Game of Thrones becomes the most popular HBO show ever.


The Witcher is based on the books of Andrzej Sapkowski. If you want to read before the show starts, start The Last Wish, a collection of stories with Geralt of Rivia that Cavill played in this series. Then read the Sword of Destiny short story collection, which introduces the character of Ciri and takes place before the series' main narrative really begins. Of course, the books are available in time for the show with a Netflix cover. You will read a good holiday.

All eight episodes of The Witcher's first season launch on Netflix on December 20. It has already been extended for the second season.

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