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The Xbox Series X UI runs at 1080p only, while the PS5 UI supports native 4K and HDR features

A new generation of consoles is just around the corner, which means completely new possibilities for the next generation to compare and contrast Microsoft and Sony machines. For example, have you ever really thought about the resolution of your console̵

7;s user interface? Well, it’s something you might need to consider right now, as it turns out there is a pretty big difference between the Xbox Series X / S and the PS5 when it comes to menu sharpness.

Sony finally unveiled the PS5 user experience today. In addition to a completely new layout and some cool picture-in-picture features, Eurogamer staff has confirmed that the user interface will run with native 4K and HDR support. Meanwhile, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman has made it clear that the Xbox Series X UI can only run at 1080p.

Sony on the PS5 UI: We really want to make sure that the user can use their time to engage with the game

The resolution of a console’s user interface doesn’t seem like a big deal, but you spend a lot of time looking at these menus and they contain a lot of small text. If you play a 4K game and then go back to the 1080p Xbox UI, you’ll notice a difference. Bottom line: be prepared for a little more eye strain on the Xbox Series X / S.

Of course, the 1080p route has advantages: if you limit the resolution of the user interface, you reserve more RAM and processing power for gaming. If you choose 1080p, Microsoft can also maintain a consistent user experience on all consoles including the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and current generation computers. Microsoft officially rolled out its new UI on Xbox One systems yesterday, and the Xbox X and S Series offer the same basic user experience.

The Xbox Series X and S launch on November 10th and the PlayStation 5 on November 12th or 19th, depending on where you live. What do you think of the UI resolution issue? Should Microsoft have gone the 4K path or does it not matter to you?

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