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There could be another Apple launch in 2020 – Pickr

An Apple launch in September for new watches and iPads. An Apple launch in October for the new iPhones and the HomePod Mini. Is another start planned for 2020?

I don’t think we’re done yet. That said, I don’t think we’re done with the starts this year. I think there is still time to see new products and I think Apple will show us some of them by the end of the year.

Why do i think so? Partly because of something Apple said at its global developer conference and because rumors of Apple’s next set of headphones are too persistent to go away.

Apple silicon in its computers

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Just a few months ago, Apple was talking about what to expect from its line of computers when the company finally announced it would switch back to its own chips.

It’s a gradual process, but at some point Apple will make the switch from Intel processors to its own chips inside, and the iPhone and iPad are largely thanks to them. The computing power in Apple’s phones and tablets is quite high, and this is one of the reasons Apple is reverting to its own chips.

It remains to be seen what the computers will look like and what benefits they can bring. However, Apple has announced that we can expect a Mac with its own chip before the end of the year.

The Obviously, that wasn’t the case with the event for the iPad Air or Apple Watch in September, or an announcement for an iPhone 12 or HomePod in October.

However, if Apple is serious about showing off a Mac with its own chips by the end of this year, it means that there is likely another event on the agenda by the end of the year.

Apple Studio headphones

The other possible start is a persistent little rumor that keeps swirling around for Apple when it comes to new headphones, more specifically Apple’s first headphones.

Apple already had a lot of headphones, which has to do with the wired EarPods, wireless AirPods, and noise-canceling AirPods Pro, and they even technically have a brand of headphones from Beats, but they don’t have their own headphones.

Apple AirPods versus Apple AirPods Pro

A rumor that keeps popping up suggests that Apple will have headphones in the not too distant future, and we hope they aren’t named after the AirPods – because “air” usually means cordless and “pods” for every ear – if you come up with Apple’s approach to noise and noise cancellation, they are sure to be interesting.

It’s also hard to imagine going through the end of the year without a new generation of headphones for Apple, though it definitely couldn’t be. It’s not like there’s a shortage of headphone options around the world.

If Apple has another event in 2020, when will it?

If either of these turns out to be true – or both (porque no los dos) – mid-November is the likely time.

November 10 or 17 makes sense, also because about a month will have passed since the last October event (which itself passed about a month after September-September). Also, there is a time to think about. If Apple holds an event on November 10th, it means the company can talk about more merchandise right before the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini, both of which arrive on November 13th, when it moves in on March 17th November decides, he can keep the hype machine in full swing and possibly jump in just before Thanksgiving in the US, a popular shopping season similar to Boxing Day in Australia.

All of this, of course, is speculation, and there could be no event. There might be no event at all in November, or an event at a completely different time, or no event at all. Apple might end up talking about the new computer without actually showing it at an event, but with rumors still going on and a new Mac not on the cards yet, there’s a good chance something will come, we’ll just have to wait .

Apple MacBook Air (2018)

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