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These are the tablets your child will love

Compare tablets from Apple, Amazon, and others to find the best combination of freedom for kids and control for parents.

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Children are device hungry nuts these days. Seriously, WTF happened Sesame Street and a book before bed? But we digress.

Technology has changed a lot since you were little. Your children have probably mastered the functions on your iPhone better than you because kept asking to play with them. And if you ever get it back, it's a sticky mess covered with drool and other inexplicable slime. But in the age of touch screens and constant connectivity, there is no way to say "no" without feeling like a parent from the dark age. Even the animals in have smartphones. (Seriously.)

Enter children's tablets, the happy medium to give your children access to the technology they want without turning them into a technology zombie. (You know what we're talking about – these kids, whose faces are taped to a smartphone while being pushed around in a stroller. It's funny, isn't it?)

Children's tablets are far from keeping them busy for a long drive ( even though they do what is nice). , an independent research laboratory that focuses on new educational technologies, has conducted numerous studies on tablet learning with children aged 1 to 7 years. The managing director Michael H. Levine explains that the technology itself is not a major game changer, "but tablets in particular have the potential to open the world's rich information store to willing minds and experts".

Essentially, if a child can use a fun touchscreen and doesn't feel that vocabulary or numbers are pressed down their throats. It makes them a hell of a lot more excited to learn. Children actually interact with content (especially when games or characters are involved), making the learning experience richer and more memorable.

And yes, we said the first year up there – even a toddler with motor skills can use a touchscreen, and young children can use a swipe to show what they know and how they learn. This has never been possible before.

Other Cooney Center projects, including one entitled "Eligible," have found that kindergartens from third-grade students who used tablets in school achieved higher test results than those who did not use tablets (especially early literary ones Reviews). They were also able to recognize 20% more vocabulary because they could recognize sounds better and display them as letters. Tablet learning is the new Sesame Street all of you.

Okay, tablets are good – but how do you choose the right one?

Most tablets made specifically for children are already equipped with integrated parent accounts, timers and pre-selected websites or apps that are only intended for children. Simple enough.

General-purpose tablets are not a bad choice at all – as one of the best tablets for children, although it is technically for everyone. These do not have the same integrated child locks as tablets especially for children. So you have to get creative if you want your child not to have unlimited access to the Internet. Apple and Android have features that filter or block content and prevent purchases. However, the best way to complete the monitoring is through the installation.

Note the following: screen resolution (depending on the amount of content) watching and playing movies that they will make), memory (they'll probably have more apps than you), level of parental controls (for obvious reasons), and robustness ( because children are basically adorable destruction machines). [19659006] Here are the eight best tablets for kids you can currently get:

Hassle-Free Warranty • Dolby Atmos Speakers • Child-specific FreeTime is continuously expanding • Super customizable parental controls

Amazon Prime is required in principle. • Youtube is difficult to censor. • The battery life is actually not that good

Amazon has outdone itself with an extremely durable version of the Fire HD tablet that can hold everything kids throw at it.

1. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

Amazon has surpassed itself with an extremely durable version of the Fire HD tablet that can hold everything kids throw at it.

  • Resolution:
    1280 x 800
  • Storage:
    32 GB
  • Battery life:
    12 hours
An A + choice in the world of children's tablets is the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, the version of the notorious Fire tablets that were made exclusively for children. It comes with a free Amazon FreeTime Unlimited year and a two-year worry-free headache guarantee.
Educational Material: Instead of searching for apps for kids in an overwhelming app store, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is available. Amazon's all-in-one subscription service is specifically designed for kids ages 3 to 12. It offers over 25,000 child-friendly books, films, TV shows, and learning apps and games with character favorites from Disney, PBS, Nickelodeon and others. After the first free year, you need Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of all the benefits.
In September 2018, Amazon FreeTime and FreeTime expanded indefinitely with over 1,000 Spanish books, videos and games.
Parental controls: Parents, in general or for certain apps, can set time limits that automatically block access when the time is up. Amazon knows that 12 year olds don't want to see the baby stuff and 3 year olds don't want to see the reading stuff. Age filters ensure that your child only sees age-appropriate content so that you don't have to constantly monitor what they are seeing. Parents can also give children selected access to extras such as Netflix or YouTube in their free time. Although caution is advised on YouTube as the website struggles to keep controversial content away from the website.
Shelf life and technical data: The childproof housing and the carefree guarantee have fundamentally changed the market for children's tablets. The colorful covers are made to withstand falls, spills and pulling. What do you have? However, if something breaks, Amazon sends you a new tablet without asking questions. The technical data are not surprising, but it is a children's tray. A quad-core processor with up to 1.3 GHz, 10 hours (possibly) battery and the HD screen are sufficient for movies and games. Plus, Dolby Atmos speakers!
Amazon customer Tommaso Trinchieri writes:

"My three-year-old loves it. We got him one shortly before a trip and it was perfect to keep him busy. The free time is great because all apps are age-appropriate and not needed . " Worry that an app is inappropriate (the most frustrating thing about other tablets when downloading an app that is too advanced and frustrates my child). The case is thick yet light, has a perfect weight and size for your little hands (and is good to know has a replacement guarantee). "

Overall, the Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Choose from a light blue, pink, or yellow case for $ 129.99.

Computer-like specifications • Price and apps for teachers and students • AR features • Apple Pencil compatibility

Most expensive option • No built-in child locks or child content • No childproof case

This computer-like tablet is the ideal place for digital books, art and educational games for your child.

2. 9.7-inch iPad

Apple's cheapest option has computer-like features and is likely to last your child's entire school career.

  • Storage:
    32 GB, 128 GB
  • Resolution:
  • Battery life:
    10 hours
Buying for an older child or an advanced learner? Apple's latest version of the classic iPad is cheaper than ever and a versatile option that the whole family can share. There is obviously no child material preinstalled, but if you buy it for a small child, Apple offers several parental control options that can be set and then removed when they grow up. It's not the cheapest in the bunch, but is Apple's cheapest iPad. It was specially developed for education and is a tablet that can adapt to your child for years. With the release, 200,000 classroom-friendly apps for teachers and students came.
Learning content: For general-purpose tablets, the content lies with the user. offers a huge amount of free learning apps and a far more robust selection than most child-specific tablets: find apps for core competencies such as mathematics, reading and science or deepen with apps for biology and language learning in more specific interests or test preparation. Children are also guaranteed to be excited about the iPad's augmented reality features and AR apps, so they can immerse themselves in the world around them (or on planets outside their world or in the ocean below their world). There is even an AR frog dissection.
Child Lock: There's nothing built in, so you have to get it. In your iPad's Settings tab, you can virtually lock any app or disable features (Safari, the App Store, iMessage, and Facebook are some you might want to hide). The Allowed Content tab contains options for movies or websites that allow you to disable certain URLs or only allow G-rated movies to be played. (If closer monitoring of the use of children is a must, the installation of parental control software is like or a quick solution for an additional security boost.)
Durability and technical data: Basically a mini computer with technical details and in Basically knocks the others out of the water. It has a larger 9.7-inch retina display, 64-bit architecture (AKA is extremely fast), 32 or 128 GB of storage, as well as WiFi and cellular options. The durability is not supplied with a case at all. If your iPad is in the hands of the little ones, there are countless cases that you can buy separately. You will want one too.
Amazon customer Jessica Mia writes:

I've never owned an iPad, but since I got an iPhone, I thought I would pamper myself and immerse myself in the apple world. When I opened it, I was really surprised at how great it looked, very light and super easy to set up (this came from the least tech-savvy person you would ever meet). I also use this for school and it is convenient to have a digital copy of my textbooks, start projects on it or Word documents. This is all about a great product, it was expected and handed over to me beforehand, so don't worry that someone will get my new investment. I highly recommend it!

Overall, the 9.7-inch iPad has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The MSRP is between $ 329.99 and $ 429, but the WiFi-only model is often available for just $ 249.99 for 32GB models and 128GB for $ 398. Buy it here in gold, silver or space gray.

Available in blue, purple or pink. • Only childproof housing with built-in stand. • Expandable storage space. • Carefree guarantee

The battery is quickly empty. • Tiny, quiet speakers. • YouTube is difficult to censor

Energetic children are no match for the improved protective cover of the new Fire 7 and the worry-free guarantee from Amazon.

3. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Energetic children are no match for the improved protective cover of the new Fire 7 and the carefree guarantee from Amazon.

  • Resolution:
    1024 x 600
  • Storage:
    16 gigabytes
  • Battery life:
    7 hours
Nobody makes children's tablets like Amazon, and the brand new Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet is just an extension of this expertise.
Teaching Material: In September 2018, Amazon FreeTime and FreeTime expanded indefinitely with over 1,000 Spanish books, videos and games. As mentioned earlier, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is Amazon's subscription service, designed specifically for children ages 3 to 12. Over 20,000 child-friendly apps with characters from Disney, Nickelodeon (to quench the obsession with Peppa Pig ) and more are available – and save parents from having to search an entire app store. The first year is free and an Amazon Prime membership is the ticket for a subscription afterwards.
Parental controls: Everything that is mentioned about parental controls and Amazon Free Time with the Fire HD 8 is the same with the new Fire 7 – same age filter and time restrictions, same optional blocking of apps like YouTube or Minecraft and the same simple change between children's profiles. However, we will keep repeating how amazing and intuitive FreeTime is. It keeps track of your kids' use so you don't have to, and the content of the kids is so awesome that kids don't even notice they are learning or being monitored.
Durability and Specifications: Adding a built-in stand to support the case appears to be a tiny physical upgrade, but it's actually such a smart way for kids to incorporate educational technology into playtime . Now coloring, watching TV, or following on-screen instructions can be hands-free, combining playtime and learning even better than before.
The Fire 7 has a slightly lower resolution than the Fire HD 8 and no Dolby Atmos speakers. Fire 7 upgrades include expandable storage to 512 GB and the ability to use Alexa with parental controls enabled.

Supports 1st generation Apple Pencil • Uses the same lightning-fast chip as the iPhone XS • Amazing high-resolution graphics for the cost • Massive storage capacity

Boring two-year design • Mediocre cameras

The iPad Air is finally finding its sweet spot with an affordable balance between specifications, speed, and price.

4. iPad Air

Think of it as the iPad Pro diet: The 2019 Air is fast and full of performance that lasts all day.

  • Storage:
    64 GB, 256 GB
  • Battery life:
    10 hours
  • Resolution:
    1920 x 1080
Learn about Apple's best bang for your buck – and no, it's not the same as the iPad Air 2. The latest iPad Air sits between the entry-level iPad and the performance-hungry iPad pros and has a serious mid-childhood syndrome. While the physical design wouldn't force you to double-shoot, it offers fast response speeds, a beautiful display, and a really decent price. Even older children will not feel lame if they have to share this with their parents.
Learning content: All iPads are for general purposes, so parents (or children if they're old enough) choose which apps to download. Conveniently, the app store offers thousands of educational apps for all ages and interests, from simple math and reading to biology with augmented reality or preparation for college tests.
Parental controls: There is not really everything – comprehensive "child mode" for iPads, so it is up to the parents to deal with the settings or install the parental control software. On the iPad's "Restrictions" tab, you can at least virtually lock an app or disable features (Safari, the App Store, iMessage, and Facebook are some you might want to hide). Even if a responsible, older child doesn't need to be monitored around the clock, it is handy to prevent them from being distracted while doing their homework.
Shelf life and technical data: Schoolwork can actually be With this razor-sharp graphics and the screen without delay, you can enjoy pro speeds at a fraction of the price. The Air's rapid responsiveness is thanks to the A12 Bionic chip, the same processor that powers the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. There is no ProMotion like the Pro, but the crispy retina display, the wide p3 color palette and the resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 are still excellent. Hold it up to the traditional iPad or a Fire HD tablet and see the difference in the graphics.
The latest Air feels sturdy enough to travel with, but light enough not to weigh down a backpack. The battery life of 11 hours lasts due to long projects or switching between family members. Apple itself doesn't do much in terms of durability, so get a case and tempered glass screen.
Amazon customer Jon writes:

"The iPad feels solid and light. I chose to spend the extra money on the 256 GB because I know that the 64 GB won't be enough in the long run Screen looks fantastic. You buy an iPad because you want it or you buy it for someone because you want it. The air is the one you get. "

Overall, the iPad Air 2018 has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Depending on your storage capacity and whether you want a cellular connection or not, you can purchase the iPad Air for $ 499 to $ 779. Get it here in silver, gold or space gray.

Expandable memory • Excellent for entertainment with Dolby Surround sound • Metal frame and lots of protective covers available • Child mode is controlled via a PIN

No S-Pen or DeX support for laptop mode • No flash on the camera • Slower than the S4

It's not Samsung's best display, but parental controls and long battery life make it a top choice for families on a budget.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Children will love interactive learning in child mode and parents will love to have a completely separate interface.

  • Storage:
    32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB
  • Resolution:
    1920 x 1200
  • Battery life:
    10 hours
It may still feel unnecessary to get your child your own tablet. Buying becomes infinitely more viable if it is a tablet that the whole family will use.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is still one of the most versatile and reliable tablets from Samsung for children and adults and is easier to make child-friendly than the latest Galaxy Tab S4.
Learning content: The children's mode was developed specifically to transform fun and learning and at the same time to transform children (7 or younger) into a tablet or a computer-like user interface. Children who are called "your child's first digital playground" can create characters and use them as avatars in games. They also get access to over 3,000 Galaxy Apps for kids, including those for language learning and STEM. The most fun is the appearance of cartoon characters from your child's favorite television shows and films.
Parent material: Everything is accessed via a PIN code that prevents your child from leaving child mode and parental controls. In mode, you can restrict your child's use and customize the content displayed. Of course, there is a completely different interface for parents, and different family members can have their own adult accounts.
Specifications and durability: To be honest, the Tab A does not have the specifications of an iPad or premium Samsung tablet. The 1920 x 1200 resolution is good for playing, reading comics, or watching things, but 10 inches is still pretty big. With Dolby Atmos Surround Sound entertainment is really hot. The memory can be expanded to include all of these children's apps and games as well as your apps and music. A running time of 10 hours ensures that nobody has to lose a round. Perhaps the best news for parents of young children is that Tab A has a thin metal frame and no fragile glass bottom like some other Samsung tablets.
Amazon customer T-Hughes writes:

"This may be a budget tablet, but it doesn't feel that way. Zippy in every application and I've run PUBG comfortably in high settings, nice to have expandable memory, screen It's nice and the colors pop. The battery life is great compared to some tablets I've used in the past. I used normally for a day (streaming, gaming, surfing) and still had charge. The camera is for a tablet decent quality of a Galaxy S5 so not bad. "

Overall, the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Get the 32GB model for $ 229.99, the 64GB model for $ 279.99, or the 128GB model for $ 329.99.

Ultra-customizable parental controls • Textbooks and games with Samsung Kids service library • Durable

Heinous green color option • Massive memory • Expensive for OK specifications

Ideal for parents who want to observe the behavior of children like a hawk * without * the children feeling restricted.

Another reliable choice is the one with the legendary light green rubber sleeve, a specially curated app library for educational purposes and the amazing child lock. (Yes, this bright green is currently the only color option. Sorry.)
Learning content: One of the best features of the Tab E Lite is the Samsung Kids service library with specially curated educational games and books that match STEM and. Children can access hundreds of trusted apps like National Geographic, Dreamworks Animation, and Sesame Street (JA). The Google Play Store is still accessible to children – naturally under the supervision of parents. The coolest part? The Tab E Lite automatically adapts to the age of your child so that the content grows with it. (And if the Samsung Kids service is disabled, parents can use this tablet like a normal Samsung device.)
Parental controls: Parents can set time limits and manually select apps for their children and then track their progress Main dashboard. (They are basically observed like a hawk, without feeling restricted.) Everything is ad-free and in-app purchases are automatically prohibited, so you can be sure that you are not visiting a website .
Durability and specifications: The Tab E Lite features a 7-inch screen with 1024 x 600 screens, a 2.0 MP rear-view camera, a battery life of up to nine hours and Wi-Fi Connectivity and a fast 1.3 GHz dual core processor. It comes with a lightweight, durable bumper cover that makes the tablet easy to grip and difficult to break. The 8 GB storage is quite small, so you should put one in.
Walmart customer writes:

I bought [this] a tablet for my grandson's 3rd birthday. Now he has his own children's backpack for it and it fits anywhere. He learns his numbers, colors, shapes, the alphabet and much more. Definitely one of the best purchases I've made for him.

Overall, the Kids Tab E Lite has a 4 out of 5 stars. Get it for $ 129.99 and subscribe to Samsung Kids Service for $ 4.99 / month.

Shatterproof screen • LeapFrog Academy with personalized learning • Child-friendly web browser

Bad battery life • Less than excellent screen

Large symbols, specially curated internet access and a shatterproof screen make this ideal for children under 6 years.

7. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

Large symbols, internet access specially curated for children and a shatterproof screen make this ideal for children under 6 years of age.

  • Storage:
    8 GB
  • Resolution:
    1024 x 600
  • Battery life:
    5 hours
The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate is best suited for preschoolers and is a great starter tablet for children who are not so used to living with mobile devices. It is equipped with a navigation arrow button to support the touchscreen, a super cute user interface and already integrated child locks.
Learning content: The LeapPad Ultimate is pre-installed with activities in core math and reading and science skills with interactive options in music, puzzles, logic and creativity to get a head start in critical thinking (separate game cartridges are also available). The tablet also provides access to LeapFrog's new learning subscription service, the LeapFrog Academy. A particularly nice thing about the LeapFrog curriculum is the Just for Me technology: Leapfrog follows your child's process and automatically adapts the games to their abilities and learning speed. (There is no access to video content like Youtube or Netflix, which can be good or bad – depending on what your child should see and how busy you want them to be.)
Parental controls: LeapFrog has pretty much everything thought so parents can pretty much sit back – but there is a password-protected parental controls feature that allows parents to adjust children's experiences, set time limits for playing, and how long they have to wait between games. The kid-friendly web browser can only access certain websites selected by learning experts at LeapFrog, and parents in the reviews love that they can feel safe if they let their child play without constant supervision.
Durability and Specifications: Your preschooler can use a front-facing and rear-facing camera, 480p video recording, a five-hour battery, a pen, and a 1024 x 600 7-inch touchscreen (not extremely enjoy ). HD, but will a 3-year-old notice it?) The Ultimate is LeapFrog's most durable LeapPad so far, with a rubber-like, shock-absorbing housing and bumper edges to protect against children as children.
Amazon customer writes:

"My six year old LOVES her LeapPad. She practices reading, writing, typing, counting. I love that she gets the support she needs but doesn't need to use. The battery life is strong, a lot I love the simplicity of the plug-and-play game cartridges that support certain topics. "

Overall, the LeapPad Ultimate has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Get it in pink or green with prices starting at $ 88.83 here and check out additional game cartridges.

Under $ 100 • Great pre-downloaded kid's apps and free games • Free lifetime subscription to Kurio Genius

Weak battery life • Slower operating system

Poor battery life, but impressive amount of pre-downloaded content and parental controls for under $ 80.

8. Kurio Xtreme Next Tablet

A decent amount of pre-downloaded content and parental controls to help protect your budget.

  • Storage:
    16 Gigabyte
  • Resolution:
    1024 x 600
  • Batterielebensdauer:
    6 hours
Das Kurio Xtreme Next Tablet ist ein Walmart-Bestseller und eine beeindruckend hochwertige Option "Balling on a Budget". Es kostet Sie nur 79 US-Dollar. Wenn Sie also immer noch mit der ganzen Tablet-Sache am Zaun sind, ist dies eine sichere Wahl, die nicht die Bank sprengt, wenn die Dinge in die Irre gehen.
Lehrmaterial: Dies Das Android-Tablet ist mit einem * kostenlosen * lebenslangen Abonnement für Kurio Genius ausgestattet, einem Internet-Filtersystem, das über 1,8 Milliarden Websites in 200 Sprachen abdeckt – alle von Experten kuratiert, sodass Sie sich nicht um die Überwachung selbst kümmern müssen. Zu den vorab heruntergeladenen Apps gehören YouTube Kids, Top-Google Play-Spiele und Lerninhalte. Außerdem liefert Kurios Surprise-A-Week-Programm im ersten Jahr kostenlos ein neues Spiel, eine neue App oder ein neues E-Book auf das Gerät (das sind 52 neue Dinge).
Kindersicherung: Die passwortgeschützte Kindersicherung Der Bereich bietet Zeitlimits, App-Verwaltung und die Möglichkeit, bis zu acht verschiedene untergeordnete Profile gleichzeitig zu erstellen. Und dank Kurio Genius können Eltern Kinder im Internet surfen lassen, ohne dass sie sich auf Websites befinden, die sie nicht sein sollten. Unter Aufsicht der Eltern können Kinder auch auf den gesamten Google Play Store mit über einer Million Apps zugreifen. Wenn Sie Probleme haben, bietet Kurio rund um die Uhr Live-Kundensupport.
Haltbarkeit und technische Daten : Ähnlich wie in den obigen Fällen wird der Kurio Next mit einem stoßfesten, auslaufsicheren Stoßfängergehäuse geliefert, um das Gerät zu halten sicher bei extremem Spiel. Das 7-Zoll-HD-Display verfügt über einen Blaulichtfilter, um die Belastung der Augen zu verringern. So können Sie sich sicher fühlen, dass die Augen Ihres Kindes nicht schmelzen. Das Tablet ist außerdem mit 16 GB Speicher, einer nach vorne und hinten gerichteten Kamera sowie Wi-Fi- und Bluetooth-Funktionen ausgestattet. Walmart-Kunde schreibt:

Meine Enkelin (2 1/2 Jahre) liebt es. Ich liebe es, wie es sie vor dem Internet schützt. Sie mag einige der vorinstallierten Spiele, aber ich mag es, dass ich zusätzliche Spiele aus dem Playstore herunterladen kann. Ich habe viel recherchiert, bevor ich mich für dieses entschieden habe. Ich werde sagen, ich bin nicht so beeindruckt von der Akkulaufzeit, aber für die Zeit, die sie verwendet, ist es in Ordnung.

Insgesamt hat das Kurio Next Tablet eine Bewertung von 3,4 von 5 Sternen. Erhalten Sie es für $ 79 hier.

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