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These Indiegogo-funded earphones deliver amazing sound quality and last 100 hours with the case

TLDR: For $ 64 with the promo code "MERRYSAVE15," the wireless HUB earphones offer everything, including great sound, a host of important features, and a wireless charging battery that keeps you powered for hours , [19659002] Finding the right wireless earphones can still be a breeze. From established brand names to fly-by-night outfits you've never heard of before, dozens of companies have developed wireless earphones. But between bad connections, unpressurized sound, unpleasant fits, or the lack of essential features, far too many of these new acquisitions turn out to be failures when tested under real-world conditions.

So if you find earphones that actually work For the hype, you have to get up quickly, especially during the holiday season.

Discord Sounds HUB wireless noise-canceling headphones are the real deal ̵

1; and they are also currently offered at a 70 percent discount on TNW deals, up to a wallet-friendly $ 64 for a limited time with the promo code " MERRYSAVE15 "at the cash register.

These are the earphones that raised over $ 1 million in Indiegogo by ticking all the boxes that are important to audiophiles on the move.

The HUB was developed by sound engineers Harmon Kardon and Bose for premium quality audio reproduction. And because they're from true audio masters, they have all the features you expect, including Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, wireless charging, ambient noise cancellation, and a juiced charging station where music can be played up to 100 hours.

In fact, with this fast rechargeable battery, you can play 3 hours longer after a single 15-minute charge session.

Meanwhile, the charger also acts as an energy bank for your other devices, providing wireless power to smartphones, tablets, and other wireless chargers on the go.

The HUB earphones are completely waterproof and will automatically sync with your device when they come out of the load pocket. Plus, they can activate the Siri and Google hands -Free features for all your phone needs.

Take advantage of the 74 percent price reduction and get the high-performance HUB earphones for only $ 64. with coupon code: MERRYSAVE15 .

Prices subject to change.

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