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These new data sources create powerful tools for investors – TechCrunch

Venture capitalists are applying as a frontier technology investor, but most of us Use This The same infrastructure tools we've used over the past 20 years ̵

1; Excel and the latest college graduates who searched Google.

While updating from Excel to Google some modest advances have been made in CRM and cloud-based storage services, but less than 5% of American VCs, according to Sebastian Soler, who is responsible for Data Science at Lux Capital Full-time team member focusing on technology.

"While the case for adoption The latest technologies are now too convincing to ignore them. Finding the budget required for specific tools can be challenging, especially for smaller managers, "said Tim Friedman, founder of PEStack. "Extensive market data can cost up to $ 25,000 for a leading service, portfolio monitoring can double that, add front-office tools, and you're in the high six-digit range." My advice: There are more products today than ever before that focus on rapid implementation and offer many features at a fraction of the cost of some of the larger older vendors.

TotemVC * is an example of a high-quality solution that offers a powerful platform with a transparent, affordable monthly rate. One piece of advice would be to use a service like [PEStack’s] the free platform Vendor Profiles to identify viable providers and create a shortlist. We also track sample clients so that our users can see what their colleagues are using. I would always advise managers to talk to other professionals to find out which products work well, how painful the implementation was, and how good the ongoing support is. "

Jonathan Balkin, founder of the Lionpoint Group, noted that the most effective technology initiative for a new PE / VC fund is typically to configure and enforce the use of a CRM system. The next most effective initiative is usually to create an easy-to-use LP portal.

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