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This Animal Crossing Lego set could turn out to be an adorable reality

Lego Corners Cranny Harvest

Animal Crossing fans may be able to build a replica of Nook’s Cranny in Lego bricks.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has made for a perfect Distraction staying at home for many during the Coronavirus outbreak. And now the game could move on to another home hobby. A fan-designed version of Nook’s Cranny, the general store in Animal Crossing, could become a real Lego kit if it gets enough support for Lego ideas where people submit their model concepts.

Nook’s Cranny is the in-game store run by two tanuki (raccoon dog) friends Timmy and Tommy, who are known for repeating statements to each other (… statements?). Your business is an integral part of Animal Crossing’s life. Here, islanders can earn bells (in-game currency) by selling everything from turnips to pears to birdhouses and then spending bells to buy everything from surfboards to harps.

The Lego model, which was created by a designer from Micro_Model_Maker, requires just under 1,000 parts and is a faithful representation of the store with a blue roof, including the drop-off box for the outside area and a designed interior. The creator started with just one player mini-figure and was later able to add models of Timmy and Tommy himself.

Anyone can submit a model idea to the Lego Ideas blog, but 10,000 people must support the idea in order to advance it for Lego official review. Nook’s Cranny was one of 35 different models that were further developed during this reporting period.

Other models include the Pixar’s Up balloon house, the Rosebud Motel from the TV show Schitt’s Creek, a model from Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, a set depicting Terry Pratchett’s Discworld fantasy series, and a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout -Course.

The projects that have made it this far, including Nooks Cranny, are examined by a group of Lego designers and other staff who create concept mockups and determine which projects are worth taking to market.

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