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This drone helped a SWAT team defuse an armed standoff

Last year, Impossible Aerospace built a drone that's literally filled with batteries, so it can fly for two hours on a charge. Now, the company says it's a 90-minute version of its US-1 quadcopter has proven to be worth a SWAT team in Campbell, California.

On February 8th, a Denny's restaurant at Campbell, which is the site of a nearly 12-hour armed standoff, where a man started his job with a cup of coffee report from the San Jose Mercury News . Apparently, the Silicon Valley cops had plenty of toys. "

But it was the Impossible Aerospace drone at enviable vantage point above the building, where it flew for 45 minutes using its thermal sensors and standard cameras to monitor the building's perimeter and assist in the actual arrest.

The company says that the SWAT team uses it to blow the suspect out, the drone's live video feed.

Mercury News report, The tear gas is believed to have been destroyed hours, and peacefully surrendering to you.

"This part of a statement from Campbell police captain Gary Berg.

Denny's on my way to the local library.

But it's only one of the many instances we've heard of law enforcement – and for that matter, criminals – using these devices.

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