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This intelligent strength trainer designed by Yves Behar is the love child of Mirror and Tonal

As more and more people search for solutions to exercise at home during global self-quarantine and social distance activities, another connected fitness machine is entering an increasingly crowded category. Forme, an intelligent mirror with built-in strength training system, combines the look of Tonal's reflective mirror and pulleys with some other details by industrial designer Yves Behar.

Similar to the Tonal, the Forme uses a hidden resistance system to simulate the weight so that you can perform pushing, pulling and lifting exercises from different angles with different weights. (The company hasn't specified the maximum weight it can carry.) According to CNN, Forme also comes with some other accessories, like a heart rate monitor and ankle strap for more movement options. When not in use, the arms are stowed behind the screen and other accessories can be stored in a hidden compartment. And because it's a “connected” training system, it includes courses that you can stream and the device automatically adjusts the weights to your fitness. You can set goals and decide whether you want to build muscle and endurance, or if you want to lose weight over time. The courses also include cardio, body weight training, barre and yoga.

It's a little hard to tell from the press photos, but Forme says instructors are shown on the screen as life-size as possible. Anyone exercising at home can judge their shape. This is also similar to another connected fitness machine, Tempo, that Azure Kinect from Microsoft uses to track user movements for form corrections. (Tempo also offers strength training courses, but uses traditional barbells and dumbbells that can be stored under the machine when not in use.)

The shape is expected to hit the market in fall 2020 and will cost $ 149 a month for 39 months Includes the hardware and content subscription. (That's $ 5,811 if you don't want to do the math. By comparison, Tonal's 36-month funding plan, which includes the content subscription, is $ 5,360 if it pays off.) It's certainly one nice looking machine that combines the principles of everything there is in the world of connected fitness equipment, but Fall 2020 could be a long time away for those hoping to do their home workouts because of gyms in the United States the pandemic remain closed.

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