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This is the Apple Watch Series 6 – TechCrunch

As expected, the latest version of the 6 Series is at the heart of today’s big hardware event. Apple continues to dominate the smartwatch category, with the company currently dominating around 30% of the wearables category. It is therefore not surprising that the company is building on the previous features and maintaining the health focus for the device. The biggest innovation here is a new built-in sensor that can measure the color of your own blood to determine oxygen levels in less than 15 seconds.

The new watch has an energy-saving, permanently switched on display, which saves battery (for these new sleep functions) and reduces the brightness in daylight. There is also an always-on altimeter so you can keep track of altitude while hiking. A number of new watch faces have been added, including new live memoji and a Pride strip.

The watch is powered by Apple̵

7;s new S6 silicon and, according to the company, offers “our most colorful product range to date”. Here it means a new blue aluminum finish, graphite color and for the first time a Product Red Edition.

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