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This is the largest 3D printed house in the world

SQ4D has just printed an impressively large house in 3D and, in fact, claims that the 1,900 square foot residence is the "largest permitted 3D printed house in the world", no less.

While larger buildings were being built Using 3D printing – including this two-story affair in Dubai, which holds the official world record on nearly 7,000 square meters – this is surely one of the largest houses we've heard of, and it has been included impressive speed.

SQ4D printed the house in 48 hours, though spread over eight days, and it was built on site. It's quick when compared to previous projects like the 3D printed houses in Mexico, which were 500 square feet and took 24 hours.

In addition, SQ4D reduces the cost of construction materials to less than $ 6,000 (approximately £ 4,600). The construction work was carried out by the company's Autonomous Robotic Construction System (ARCS).

Faster in the future

SQ4D is a division of S-Squared 3D printers. After this project was implemented, the time required for the 3D printing of future houses will be halved.

The company also notes that building concrete is not only inexpensive but also safer. Prefabricated houses are more fire-resistant and generally even more resistant to the ravages of time.

ARCS is able to build foundations, supply lines as well as exterior and interior walls. It also uses much less energy than traditional construction methods, so it's environmentally friendly and reduces the workload to just three workers.

Recently, there is a lot going on in the construction industry, including construction, in 3D printing of ecological houses (partly) made of mud.

The speed of construction is one of the big pluses of using 3D printing technology, and if SQ4D is actually able to do its already fast building process twice as fast, it is a big step forward his.

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