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This is what happens when a 1,200 hp Lambo suffers a 130mph blowout

Do you remember group B? That crazy time of motorsport in the eighties, when the rules were thrown into the shredder so that absolutely crazy cars could be produced? Well, Norwegian engineering firm Zyrus conjured up the spirit and madness of that time and injected it into nothing less than a Lamborghini Huracán. Then I had an unexpected crash on the Nürburgring. How much group B.

To remind you of this, Zyrus produces what they call the “LP1200”. It’s a street legal (yes, really) Lamborghini Huracán that’s heavily based on the Super Trofeo but has everything switched to ASBO. The 5.2 liter V1

0 with a wild racing car aero, full carbon body and a tailor-made twin turbo setup offers a total of 1,200 hp. You fight with the car in the limitless, open Norwegian Extreme GT Championship, in which most cars drive well over 1,000 hp, and at the same time try to achieve lap times in Spa and on the Nürburgring.

And things are going according to plan after we drove a time of 6 m 48.2 s on a full lap on the Nordschleife and a time of 6 m 29 s on the bridge to Gantry of 19 m with Fredrik Sørlie at the wheel. Oh, we forgot to say this was during a normal supercar track day – with a lot of other traffic on the track. Something went wrong in one of the rounds. Very not correct.

After the right rear wheel did a scorching first half of the lap (the footage honestly looks like it was accelerated), the rear right wheel (the fastest and most peppy part) had enough and decided to let go and send the carbon , 1,200 horsepower Lambo in one spin at 130 mph. Amazingly, the car pirouetted and only pierced one barrier before coming to a stop. Probably helped by the super sticky slicks (well, three of them) that were adjusted. Even so, Code Browns don’t get brownish. So we bet old Fredrik kissed his lucky egg that night. Check out the footage above. Or slide down to 3:15 if you just want the juicy piece.

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